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The American Adventure

The American Adventure started with "Gladlee" being shipped over to the States from Palma, Mallorca in Nov/Dec 2004 and we then cruised in US waters until July 2005. These diaries can be found at:

The American Adventure.

At the end of July 2005, we took "Gladlee" out of the water for storage at Deltaville Marina and returned to Oman for Ron to take up a job with IOGS. The Oman diaries can be found at OMAN or the Oman button on the Home Page.

From 3rd to 17th October 2006 we decided to take a holiday and hired an RV (Recreation Vehicle) from near Washington in the US, to see how we liked this way of travelling. These diaries can be found at:

RV Trip.

We spent about two and a half years in Oman and left again in January 2008 to cruise with our friends Frank and Tari on their catamaran "Vision" in the Caribbean. The diary for this can be found at: 

Caribbean cruise onboard s/Cat "Vision" 7th February to 15th April 2008.

We left them in Puerto Rico and flew up to Washington, and then drove back to "Gladlee" in Deltaville where we recommissioned her and started cruising again. In June 2009 we decided to put the boat back in storage and buy an RV  and go 'land' cruising. The diaries can be found at:

America 2008 - Page 1   Deltaville, cruising the Chesapeake Bay, and to Washington, DC
America 2008 - Page 2 Intracoastal Waterway to Titusville, Florida
America 2009 - Page 1 Hollywood (Molly's visit), Bahamas, back to Florida and to North Carolina
America 2009 - Page 2 New engine on Gladlee, move onto RV, and back to Deltaville (boat & RV)
America 2009 - Page 3 West on RV to Oregon (August to October)
America 2009 - Page 4 South to California and Arizona, back to UK 6 weeks
America 2010 - Page 1 California to Deltaville, Virginia, (January to May)

On the 18th May 2010 we travelled back out to Oman, Ron resuming his job with IOGS. We stayed for two years and then went back out to the US to sail on "Gladlee" and travel with "Harvey".

Continuing our travels in America, we arrived back in Deltaville on 8th June 2012.

America 2012 - Page 1 UK 3 weeks, Deltaville, cruising on "Gladlee" Chesapeake Bay until 5th Sept.
America 2012 - Page 2 Fly to LA and take back RV from L&S. Tour SW Sept and Oct.
America 2012 - Page 3 3 weeks in UK. California and Arizona on RV Nov and Dec.
America 2013 - Page 1 January to March, Arizona, California and Oregon
America 2013 - Page 2 April and May, Washington State to B.C. Canada
America 2013 - Page 3 May and June, B.C., Yukon and Alaska
America 2013 - Page 4 June, Alaska, Yukon, B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan
America 2013 - Page 5 July to Sept, Saskatchewan, back in the US, North Dakota to Virginia

Continuing our travels again in the US, we travelled to Phoenix in January 2017.

America 2017 - Page 1 Fly to Phoenix, buy 'Harvey Too", Arizona and California
America 2017 - Page 2 August, Annapolis, Phoenix and north
America 2018 - Page 1 January/February, Arizona, Nevada and California
America 2018 - Page 2 June - September, Arizona to NW Territories, BC, Washington State, Oregon, Calif.
America 2019 - Page 1 June/July, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico
America 2022 - Page 1 23rd April to 21st May, Arizona to Boya Lake, British Columbia, Canada
America 2022 - Page 2 22nd May to 18th June, Teslin to Liard River Hot Springs BC, via Alaska
America 2022 - Page 3 19th June to 19th July, Muncho Lake, BC to Phoenix
America 2023 - Page 1 21st February to 4th April, Phoenix, Arizona, California and New Mexico
America 2023 - Page 2 Watch this space



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