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America Spring 2023 (Page 1)

21st February - 4th April - American RV trip

Log of the trip

Phoenix - Arizona, California and New Mexico

21st Feb - Always RV, Arizona, US

Arrived at Always RV in Mesa, just outside of Phoenix, to collect the motorhome and check everything out before departing on our journey. A little bit of weather around on our arrival.

Harvey Too on a power slot at Always RV

22nd Feb - Lost Dutchman State Park

After a morning shopping trip to the nearest Walmart to stock up on essentials we head out to Lost Dutchman SP near Apache Junction. Just a few miles up the road.

Superstition Mountain backdrop Only Arizona
Townsend's Solitaire Curved-billed Thrasher

 23rd/24th Feb - Catalina State Park, nr Tucson

Our second trip here. Very lucky to get in as unknown to us the park had been closed due to flooding and was officially still closed. they did let us in though. Our first attempt at a walk was thwarted by a river across the trail so we had to find an alternative. Took a picnic lunch with us.

A bit empty here!! Vermillion Flycatcher
Local artwork by native American Tribe Not over welcoming
Northern Cardinal Coyote

25th Feb - Sunflower Camp, Tubac

A new place for us that Julie found online. Very basic but suited us perfectly. A relatively easy walk into Tubac town where we managed to find a nice bar.

A little basic The "Sunflower" entrance

26th/27th Feb - Patagonia State Park

One of our favourite places but very busy at this time of year with all the Snowbirds. Plenty of walking done and always food for the wildlife.

Julie, bird watching as usual Northern Cardinal (female)
White-tailed Deer Broad-billed Hummingbird
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Black Phoebe

28th Feb - Sunflower Camp, Tubac

Back to Sunflower on our way through to our next stop.

Harvey Too in Sunflower Amazing sunset in sunflower

1st - 3rd March - Organ Pipe National Monument

One of our all time favourites. Good walks here and Ron did his longest walk yet after surgery to the Victoria Mine - and old silver mine with a round trip of about 8km but over very undulating terrain.

Harvey Too in the bushes Looking down on the camp ground
Horned Lizard Part of the Victoria Mine
Repeat showing of the Saguaro Ground Squirrel

4th/5th March - Painted Rock Petroglyph CG

Interesting site with lots of Petroglyphs done by native Americans probably before it was America.

The Meanings Some of the many
Anna's Hummingbird Costa's Hummingbird

6th March - Mittry Lake BLM (California)

Been to a different bit of the lake before but this was a new area. Managed a fairly long walk along to Imperial Dam. Interesting how low the river was.

Bondu parking... ...Next to the Colorado River
Great Blue Heron and Great Egret Snowy Egret

7th March - Red Hill Marina

We stopped here before a few years ago but got a bit of a shock this time. The place was virtually defunct with signs saying no trespassing, closed etc. We did however find a sign that said campers only beyond this point so we took that as the real one. We were alone here. The Salton Sea had retreated so much there was virtually no sight of it. However, we decided it was probably a hunter's campground now and in fact the bathrooms worked with hot water for a shower. The following morning a Ranger came by and said no problem at all for us stopping there.

Harvey Too all alone No Entry - Campers Only
Bridge to nowhere, no water in sight Great Horned Owl

8th/9th March - Salt Creek CG, Salton Sea

Moved on up the Salton Sea a bit to one of our old favourites and did manage to find the water.

Looking lonely still Rum and Cokes by the Sea
Still beautiful though Snowy Mountain backdrop
Another beautiful sunset Western Sandpiper
Snowy Plover Redhead Duck

10th/11th March - Headquarters, Salton Sea

Up to the Headquarters where we have the luxury of full hookup. The sea had receded so much that the 'marina' is now defunct with only a trickle of water at the entrance.

A bit of relaxation Harvey Too in company at the HQ
Remains of the boat ramp Green Heron

12th/13th March - Saddle Mountain BLM (Arizona)

Just to the west of Phoenix this is our favourite "off grid" location where we just wild camp. Always good walking and things to see.

Lonely again Julie in the Gully
Ron relaxing with a RaC Beautiful Desert Poppies
View from my window Northern Mockingbird

14th/15th March - Wells Fargo RV, Tombstone

Our third visit to the historic town of Tombstone of Wyatt Earp fame. The actual OK Corral in the background where Earp outgunned the bad guys. We did manage a couple of meals out for a change.

Touristy but still interesting. The Old Court House

16th-18th - March - Pancho Villa State Park

We have now crossed into New Mexico and are literally on the Mexican border. A new place for us in the small town of Columbus. The local library provided us with internet and free coffee as well as a warm place to sit as it was a bitterly cold day.

Look carefully for the "wall" In the Campground Host site
Interesting Museum Different Cactus
Greater Roadrunner Brewer's Sparrow
Lark Bunting Green-tailed Towhee

19th March - Percha Dam State Park

Another new location for us and no idea what to expect. Turned out to be a lovely stop with a nice walk by the Rio Grande up to the dam.

Not quite alone The Rio Grande
The Rio "not so grande" Lewis's Woodpecker

20th/21st March - Elephant Butte State Park

And yet another new place for us. Turned out we had the best site in the whole campground looking out over the lake. Called the Quail Run campground we didn't have to wonder why for long. Quail everywhere and even a Roadrunner walking through the site.

Prime location Our view to the lake
Hairy Woodpecker Pyrrhuloxia
Ron on the beach Ring-billed Gull

22nd/23rd March - Lyman State Park

Here years ago with Linda and Seamus. A touch cold this time and even a touch of snow. Not sure if we would get in without a reservation but the place was close to empty.

There should be a lake here!! Oh! There it is
Petroglyphs found on our walk Ravens
The weather moving in Horned Larks

24th/25th March - OK RV, Holbrook

A private campground so that we can get some laundry done and have the luxury of internet, power and water. We took a day out to visit the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest which are both basically the same park.

A little chill in the Painted Desert No Comments please!!
Rugged Landscape Still a little chill
No wonder the wood is petrified Rocky Wood
Winter Arrived 6,000 ft and 3 inches of snow

26th - 29th March - Windy Hill CG, Roosevelt Lake

We have decided to lose some altitude and the result is fairly obvious. At last we have some really nice weather having dropped for 6,000ft to 2,000 ft. Our shock was that the lake which is normally very low making boat ramps inaccessible, was in fact so high that it made all but one of the ramps inaccessible. So nice here though we spent 4 days here.

Harvey Too in the trees Relaxation with a beer
I'm on the road to nowhere Great Blue Heron
Spring has sprung Still rugged terrain though
Baby Mourning Dove ("My Baby Dove") Beautiful Desert Poppies on the mountainside.

30th March - 1st April - Schoolhouse CG, Roosevelt Lake

Felt we had to move on so travelled 10 miles down the road to the next campground.

Not lonely here. Type of Squirrel though not sure which
Vermillion Flycatcher Great-tailed Grackle
Western Grebes Phainopepla

2nd/3rd April - Lost Dutchman

Back to where we started.

Managed to get the Awning out Superstition Mountain
Nice and green around here... ...with some colour in the bushes
Gambel's Quail Ash-throated Flycatcher
Coyote Sundial Ground Squirrel

4th April - Always RV, Mesa

And after a laundry stop on the way we are back to our storage "home".

A great trip with some new sites even if the weather did try to challenge us.



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