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Sultanate of Oman


National Flag Sultanate of Oman


We first went out to Oman in September 2000, Ron taking up work with Mohammed al Aufy at Ali Trading. We loved the country and travelled a lot in the countryside with Ron's company car, a 4X4 Jeep. Unfortunately the company was owned by 3 Omani brothers, Mohammed, Fauz and Aish, and they started squabbling so the job came to an end in June 2001.

We then went back to "Gladlee" in Barcelona and cruised the Med area initially, then shipped the boat over to the US in Nov/Dec 2004. This was the start of the 'American Adventure' and we cruised the east coast of the US as far as Deltaville in Virginia where, in July 2005, we left the boat and returned to Oman.

This time Ron was working for Fauz and Aish al Aufy at International Oil and Gas Services (IOGS). The diary for this time can be found by following this link:

Oman October 2005 January 2008.  

Late in 2007 Ron was getting tired of the company again as Fauz and Aish were arguing and made life very difficult for him. We therefore decided to leave and had a fantastic offer to join Frank and Tari on their catamaran "Vision" and help them sail their boat from Trinidad to Puerto Rico, all the way up the Caribbean chain. The diary for this can be found at :  Caribbean cruise onboard s/Cat "Vision" 7th February to 15th April 2008.

From Puerto Rico we flew up to Washington and then drove down to Deltaville to pick up "Gladlee" and continue cruising in the US. These diaries can be found at America 2008 - Page 1 through to America 2009 (Page 2) and then we went off 'land cruising' with the RV which continues America 2009 (Page 3) - The Great RV Adventure to America 2010 - January to May.

In May 2010 we returned to Oman, this time Ron working with Fauz at IOGS. These diaries can be found at:

Oman 2010 - May to December

Oman 2011 - January to December

Oman 2012 - January to May

In May 2012 we left Oman probably for the last time. Our plan is to go back to "Gladlee" in the US and sail her for the summer months in the Chesapeake Bay. We will then put her back into storage in the boatyard at Deltaville in September and fly over to LA to meet our friends, Linda and Seamus, and take over the RV again and resume our travels on "Harvey".

Oman Visit 2016 - January 25th to February 22nd



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