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America Summer 2019  


Log of trip

14th June - 16th July - American RV trip

14th June - Always RV, Arizona, US

Arrived at Always RV to collect the motorhome and check everything out before departing on our journey.

15th/16th June - Windy Hill Campground, Roosevelt Lake.

One of our regular kick-off points, we just love Roosevelt Lake. Always something interesting seems to happen. This time it was the male Cardinal feeding his two young chicks right there in our site. One difference this time was that the place was really busy. We have been there before with only one or two other campers. This time the place was full. Reason being was bush fires had closed a couple of the other campgrounds.

Vermillion Flycatcher Northern Cardinals, male feeding young

17th June - Canyon Point CG, Forest Lakes

A new site for us. As can be seen we were really right in the woods. A couple of reasonable hikes though we never did find the actual Canyon. It seemed to be hiding from us.

Harvey Too in the trees Lightening strike on one of the trees

18th June - OK RV Park, Holbrook

A commercial site we have been to before but a really good "means to an end". It happens to be in a good location for visiting the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. Also good to get some laundry done.

The Painted Desert And again
No need to say anything really!!! Julie on the trail

19th/20th June - Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Cottonwood Campground

We had been recommended this place by the partner of one of the Istanbul Hashers. Brilliant recommendation. What a stunning place. The Campground was nearly empty, the views magnificent. This place is however on Indian lands (Navaho) and they run the tours into the canyon. Except one location where there is a trail you are allowed to do unaccompanied. 600ft down to the bottom, a walk along to the "White House" ruins and then 600ft back up. Well worth it though.

Harvey having a rest in the Campground The view into the canyon from the top
Top of the Trail and an intrepid hiker Nearly at the bottom
The White House ruins Only to be seen after crossing it!!
Spider Rock - Amazing Spider watchers!

21st/22nd June - Mancos State Park, Mancos, Colorado

Back into Colorado and a State Park we have visited before. Great walk around the lake, wildlife, birds etc. Oh did I mention it got a bit cold in the mornings;  -1 Deg C


Guess who hiding in the trees Snowy mountains - not too far away
More snowy mountains Actually dared to snow/hail while we were there

23rd June - East Fork CG, Pagosa Springs

A nice quiet forestry campground just before we head up over Wolf Creek Pass which is at 11,000 ft above sea level. Lots of snow up there but the roads were clear.

Harvey loves the trees? Sledders, snowmen and Julie

24th June - South Fork RV Park, South Fork

Another private site but we have a need for Propane and they sell the stuff. Nice people running the place and not overly crowded.

25th/26th June - San Luis Lakes State Wildlife Area CG

We were planning on camping at the Great Sand Dunes park but it was full so we headed here where we had been before. This time the place had changed from a State Park to a State Wildlife area. In order to camp there, for free, you had to have a Colorado Hunting License. There is however an alternative. If you are over 64 years old you also get to camp for free. Not only basic camping but power as well. At long last some advantage to being "slightly" older.

Harvey out of the trees More snowy mountains
Gopher Snake But not poisonous
The Great Sand Dune - 750ft high Half way and knackered
Julie at the top taking photos of little people A cold river to cross to get there

27th/28th June - Lathrop State Park

Another previous location but a really nice easy place.

Snowy mountains across the lake Chilling
Gopher Snake Killdeer

29th June - Summerlan RV Park, Raton, New Mexico

Laundry time so a visit to a commercial RV park - once we found it. The GPS found us in a hotel car park but a very nice young lady in reception put us right.

30th June - Clayton Lakes State Park

Again we have been here before but it was on our route and is nice and easy. Also wanted to see the Dinosaur prints again.

Harvey with the dam in the background The Lake
Huge Dinosaur footprint Lots of Dinosaur footprints

1st July - Ute Lake State Park

Been here before as well. Some good hiking to be had though so we came back. Also in New Mexico all the State parks offer electric and water with the campsites and the cheapy price of $14 per night.

The lake and dam The intrepid birdwatcher

2nd/3rd/4th July - Oasis State Park

4th of July weekend and in reality this was the only place we could find with space. It claimed to have a 'pond' which it actually did with lots of fishermen and women. Did manage to find a good hiking route though. Inundated with what turned out to be very large (3" long) grasshoppers as the below photograph shows.

Guess who Plains Lubber Grasshopper
Western Kingbirds Scaled Quail

5th July - Town and Country RV Park, Roswell

Again a commercial site this time because we couldn't manage to get in anywhere else.

6th/7th July - Rockhound State Park

Lovely campground we have been to before. Again, on the route so no problem coming back to it.

View from the start of the hike Favourite photo
Sort of middle of nowhere Scott's Oriole

8th/9th July - City of Rocks State Park

Our favourite State Park in New Mexico this is just a fantastic and unique place. Also one of our favourite hikes - 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down just so we could have a picnic at the top of the "hill".

A few of the rocks Funny smell from somewhere
Our picnic site - at the very top Selfies at the picnic site
Jack Rabbits everywhere Canyon Towhee

10th July - Queen Mine RV Park, Bisbee, Arizona

Back to the city - well sort of. Bisbee is an old mining town that still has that cowboy feel to it. It is actually quite a small place and we have been here before which means we know where all the best bars are. i.e. The Quarry and the Brewery.

Old style buildings Biggest fly in the world?
Old mining equipment The old copper mining area

11th July - Patagonia State Park

Way down by the Mexican border we have been here numerous times. It is a great place for bird watching so Julie is in seventh heaven. The place took a real beating a couple of years ago with flash flooding and hasn't really fully recovered but it is getting there. Very busy at this time of year though.

Broad-billed Hummingbird Violet-crowned Hummingbird

12th/13th July - Catalina State Park

A totally new location for us just outside of Tucson but on the way back to Mesa (Phoenix) for us. Turned out really nice. Not too many people camping, wildlife, a good choice of hikes (we of course did the Bird Watching trail), though very hot.

Harvey back with the trees Mountains and wilderness
Indian monument at the trailhead Round-tailed Ground Squirrel

14th July - Budget RV Park, Apache Junction

Our last stop in order to get the last lot of laundry done and get Harvey cleaned and tidied for going back into storage. As the name implies it was definitely a cheapy place.

15th July - Always RV

And here we are back into storage. Did I mention that it is 46 Deg C here. The air conditioning struggled to keep up as did the fridge. Only one night though.

16th July - Fly to London.



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