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America Autumn 2023 (Page 1)


Log of the trip

Phoenix - Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico

11th October - Always RV, Arizona, US

Arrived at Always RV in Mesa, just outside of Phoenix, to collect the motorhome and check everything out before departing on our journey.

Harvey Too on a power slot at Always RV

Always RV


12th Oct - Lost Dutchman State Park

 Into our favourite first stop and even into our 'normal' site.

Harvey Too in site No. #1 Sunset behind the Saguaro Cactus
View from our site Lizard
Female Gambel's Quail Male Gambel's Quail
Male Anna's Hummingbird Female Anna's Hummingbird
Northern Flicker Greater Roadrunner


13th/14th Oct - Windy Hill CG, Roosevelt Lake

Again, one of our favourite places and again into our favourite site. If you look at the photographs you'll see why Julie likes the place so much!!!!

Harvey Too in our favourite site Beautiful View
Male Vermillion Flycatcher Female Vermillion Flycatcher
Northern Harrier Red-tailed Hawk
Black-crowned Night Heron Osprey
Rock Wren Lark Bunting
Turkey Vulture Gila Woodpecker
Ground Squirrel Lots of Western Grebe



15th Oct - Always

After a night without power we had to return to Always. They very quickly found the problem and did a temporary repair so that we could get on our way quickly. Great people there.


16th Oct - Canyon Point CG

We had been here before but only once and some years ago. Some good walking trails here and as can be seen - wildlife.

Harvey Too Gray Squirrel
Chipmunk Hairy Woodpecker
Dark-eyed Junco Western Bluebird


17th/18th Oct - Canyon de Chelly

A truly brilliant place we had found on a previous visit but slight disappointment that we were not allowed down into the canyon proper. However we drove both the south rim in the morning and north rim in the afternoon, and as you can see they were exceptional alternatives.


Harvey in the campground Us at Spider Rock
Julie at Spider Rock Interesting Sign 
North Rim More north rim views
Ruins on the canyon floor More ruins


19th/20th Oct - Mancos SP

We are heading to Durango but this is such a nice spot we decide to spend a couple of night here as well. However, we now find out that all sites have to be reserved in advance. We do manage to talk the ranger around though and for a cash payment allows us access to a particular site. Quite difficult to get into but as usual we manage. A lovely walk around the lake the following day with a few more beasties and birds for Julie.

Harvey Too Autumn Colours
Lake View More Colours
Julie on the hike Mountain Bluebird
White-tailed Deer Ground Squirrel


20th/21st/22nd Oct - Outdoorsy RV Park, Bayfield

Our real destination for a few days. We knew about the Durango Hot Air Balloon festival and the dates fit well. Absolutely brilliant. On the field with all the balloons as they wait for fair winds. There are a few take off sites but we are at the biggest.

Getting prepared Nearly there


In the evening there is Glow festival in the center of Durango. So we head in, have dinner then head to the railway station for the Glow.

Donald seems to have grown up Nearly there
Lots of hot air going in Fully inflated and lit up


Sunday morning we head back to the take off site for the second day and the continue our drive up to Silverton where lunch calls.

Late autumn and 8,000 ft. It's getting a touch cold Neary there!
Up up and away A few stragglers
Nearly there Drive to Silverton. Nearly 11,000ft above sea level
View from 11,000ft A very quiet Silverton High St.


23rd/24th/25th Oct - San Luis WRA

Heading further East towards the Great Sand Dunes. We have to stop to obtain a Colorado Wildlife Pass. A day pass for $10 or annual pass for $10.75. We opt for the annual pass which actually only lasted until the end of March. We have to have the pass as the campground is free when you have the pass.


High rise moon? Another high Pass on the way.


Entrance Sign Harvey Too all alone
Gulls mobbing a Merganser Sandhill Cranes
Northern Harrier Lots of Ducks
Julie birdwatching Sage Thrasher

At the Sand Dunes National Park. Last time we were here we had to wade through the river to get to the dunes. Luckily not this time.

Dry river bed Lots sand here
Julie at the top Great view (of sand)


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