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Log of trip

11th June - 6th September - American RV trip

12th June - Always RV, Arizona, US

Arrived at Always RV to collect the motorhome and check everything out before departing on our journey tomorrow. Of course it would help if we could start it but a flat engine battery stopped that. As it was only six months old the service department changed it free of charge so no problems. If only..... Now the domestic batteries are playing up but we have the electrician looking at things. After spraying WD40 into the on off switch he seemed surprised there was still no charge. Out came the mains charger and yes that put some power into them.

13th June - Jacob Lake NF Campground

And so off we go on our merry travels. Of course we get to our first campsite and have no power in the domestic batteries despite having driven over 200 miles. Took the batteries out and they are dry as a bone. Did manage then to find the local NAPA store (equivalent to Halfords) and phone them, and yes, they have replacements available. Following morning we head for the nearby town of Kanab and manage to get everything fixed. New batteries and a new solenoid. All is well.

14th-16th June - Maple Grove NF Campground, Utah

We continue on to a previously visited campground, stay for a few days and "settle in" after the first couple of fraught days. Quite noticeable that Julie has immediately got back into the bird watching mode!!

Harvey Too in situ First stroll of the trip

Beautiful or what?  American Dipper
And nice views across the valley Anna's Hummingbird

17th June - Stillwater NF Campground

Not much to say on this. Means to an end en route to Wyoming.

Guess who? Black-chinned Hummingbird

18th/19th June - Gros Ventre, Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Just south of Yellowstone National Park we have visited the Tetons before. This time we can't walk so much as the river is pretty much in flood and where we had previously walked is now underwater. Also our first sighting of the dreaded "SNOW" on them there hills.

Must be Harvey Too The actual Tetons

Overflowing river Common Nighthawk

Battle between Ravens and Hawk Snow!!!!

20th/21st June - Beaver Creek NF Campground, Quake Lake, Montana

To get here we had to drive through Yellowstone NP and we had planned to stop at "Old Faithfull", the geyser that erupts every 90 minutes or so. Unfortunately the place is so busy we can't even find a temporary parking spot so just drive on. We have been to Yellowstone before so not too worried.

The name of the lake is due to it being formed following an earthquake in the area. The earthquake smashed open a damn on the river, which then created a landslide further down, which then created Quake Lake.

Harvey Too being quiet Our first visitor - still with velvet

Juvenile Bald Eagle Stunning views

22nd/23rd June - Silos State Park, Montana

Not really too much to this place but the memories will survive quite a while. First of all we take a bit of a hike round the place and trying to find a shortcut through, Ron finds himself stood on an ants nest. Not a normal one - this one is three metres across with millions of ants. Many of which take a liking to Ron. Secondly we are asked if we would mind a family with young kids camping next to us. Of course not. Then their extended family camped on the other side of us. Everything became very friendly with the two of us becoming honorary grandparents for the duration with five kids wanting us to play and swim. Of course the parents included us as well - with drinks, so of course Ron had to share his bottle of Glenfiddich creating untold misery in the morning.

Julies' thing about Harvey Too photos Ring-billed Gull

Western Kingbird Bullock's Oriole

24th June - Mountain View CG, Choteau

Another one of those "en-route" private campgrounds with not much to shout about.

25th/26th June - Apgar CG, Glacier NP

Part of Glacier National Park which had been one of our targeted destinations. We had picked up that the road that splits the park in two had just opened a couple of days before so we are looking forward to driving through. Unfortunately, we also find that there is a 20ft length limit which put us at 30ft out of the running for that. Never mind, we can go to the campground and use the shuttle bus. Which of course doesn't start until three days after we leave. Great walks though round the lake. Interesting visitor centre with free wifi.

Guess who again Columbian Ground Squirrel

Great views over the lake Likewise

27th June - Dry Gulch Provincial Park, Nr Radium Hot Springs, British Colombia, Canada

Well, we have now crossed into Canada - the land of everything being more expensive. A nice small campground though on our way through to Banff/Jasper national parks.

Trying to hide! Mum, and baby suckling

28th-30th June - Waterfowl Lake, Jasper NP, Alberta

Beautiful place here but really quite busy. Turns out to be a holiday period so we decide once we have found a good site, to stay for a few days. Our walks have to be timed in between the rain but as you can see it is pretty nice here. Even though there is even more snow as we get further north.

Snowy views More snowy views

Not blurry - Artistic Common Loon

1st July - Hornbeck Provincial Park

Just a wayside park but pleasant enough spot for the night.

Caribou near Jasper Ron and guess who?

Juvenile Gray Jay

Mum and young Cedar Waxwings

2nd July - Sherk's CG, Valleyview

One of our few private RV parks. Once every couple of weeks to get the laundry done and to get good wifi etc. Apparently everybody seems to call the place Shrek's and not Sherk's. The power of films in action! The best memory here was the girl in the visitor centre who was just a very nice person and incredibly helpful.

3rd July - Queen Elizabeth PP, Grimshaw

Called in at the Walmart in Peace River on the way here to top up with supplies and then to this really quite nice Provincial Park which turned out to be very quiet. Not too much hiking here as again the lake level was very high.

Western Wood Peewee Winter Wren

4th July - Twin Lakes Territorial Park, NW Territories

Just a few miles north of the border. Yet again very friendly staff in the visitor centre.

Harvey Too made it to NWT Western Tanager

5th July - Twin Falls TP

As the name implies there are two big waterfalls here. Very impressive. About a mile apart and both with about 50ft drops on a fast flowing river.

No names no pack drill Overlooking the falls

Lady Louise Falls Alexander Falls

Bufflehead Duck with flotilla Beaver

On the walk between the two falls we come across a small lake with mum and babies and a couple of beaver. Always better when unexpected. There is also the story of the Indian tribes that used to travel the area which is actually quite interesting.

6th/7th July - Hay River TP

Hay River is one of only a few towns in NWT but we do manage to get the timing right for this one. It is "Hay Days" which is a music festival so all the bars and restaurants have live music free of charge. The fisherman's market was the only disappointment. We had expected to be able to buy fresh fish but the only stall there either sold craft items or ready cooked food.

You have to guess First of the night

Part of the museum display - don't ask!! Local Chipmunk

8th July - Lady Evelyn Falls TP, Kikasa

If only for the waterfall, this was a great short stop for us.

Stunning Falls - - but very noisy

9th July - Fort Providence TP

The last stop before a long drive to Yellowknife. The campground is right on the banks of the Mackenzie River which is one of, if not the biggest, river in Canada.

No comment!! The Mackenzie River

10th-14th July - Fred Henne TP, Yellowknife

And we have arrived at our destination. This is as far as the road goes unless you want a rough ride on a graded road. We found incredibly friendly people here, good beer, great museum, good food, lots and lots of rain and TV in the office to watch England lose in the World Cup. We have two different sites as we extended our stay due to Ron hurting his back and to give him a few extra days recovery time.

Wood Bison on the way up First campsite here

The NWT Brewing Company Second campsite here

Philippines Society  Yellow-rumped Warbler

15th July - Lady Evelyn Falls TP

Yes, we are here again. We had planned to go south by a different route which would have taken us about 300Km over a graded road. Bearing in mind all the rain we took the decision not to do that and stuck to the only paved road in the whole territory - the one we had come up on.

Wood Bison with young Sandhill Crane in breeding plumage

16th July - Twin Falls TP

Yes - and again.

At least it was a different site Cape May Warbler - new sighting for Julie

17th July - Fox Haven Golf & Country Club,

A convenient stop and no we didn't play. It seems most of the golf courses up here also have campgrounds attached to them.

Harvey Too at the golf course Horned Grebe

18th July - Queen Elizabeth PP, Grimshaw

The last of our duplications for this trip. Still very quiet here for some unknown reason.

No prizes for guessing Franklin's Gull

19th July - Cheti Sep, Spirit River

Bit of a roadside campground a little before Dawson Creek where we expect things to start getting busy. Dawson Creek is right on the Canada/Alaska highway which we know is pretty busy at this time of year.

20th July - Lake Tudyah PP

Still heading south and still in British Columbia.

Oh come on!!! Some trees - getting short of descriptions

American Redstart - male... ... and female

21st/22nd July - Crooked River PP, Bear River

As you can see things are not really warming up in the evenings yet. Bottle of champagne for Julie's birthday.

Just in case you had forgotten - Harvey Too The warmth of the campfire

Lewis's Woodpecker Pair of juvenile American Robins
Merlin Red-necked Grebe

23rd July - Ten-mile Lake PP

Another day, another provincial park.

Who's this? It's baby frog season - thousands of them

24th/25th July - Will-Yum RV Park, Williams Lake

Here a few years ago where we got the cheapest petrol in Canada. However that seems to have changed and now the same as everywhere. Met a couple here who took us into town in the evening for drinks and food. Good friendly people here.

The annual tribal "pow wow"  amphitheatre Red-eyed Vireo
McGillivray's Warbler White-throated Sparrow

26th July - Skihist PP, Lytton

Quite a climb up to this campground which is up above the James river

Must be sunny - the awning is down For a change - Harvey Too through the trees

Oh! More trees The James river down in the hole

27th/28th July Emory Creek CG

Our last stop before getting back into the USA. Beautiful site on the banks of the James River. Can't see it but there is a railway line on the other side where we saw the Rocky Mountaineer train on its way from Calgary to Vancouver.

Harvey Too by the river The James River

James River from our evening drinks location Brown Creeper

29th July - Larrabee State Park, Washington State, US

Our first stop back in the US. After dealing with a VERY difficult immigration lady at the border it was good to relax and chill. And get cheap petrol (gas in the US). And cheap beer too.

Views over the Sound Julie - chilling

30th July - Deception Pass SP, Whidbey Island

Went across the bridge to Whidbey Island. Walking around just by the bridge, both of us took either bee or hornet stings. Not nice!

Tucked in nicely Deception Pass

The bridge over the Pass The Estuary at Oak Harbour

31st July/1st August - Fort Worden SP, Port Townsend

Stopped off at Oak Harbour for a walk and lunch, then took Harvey Too to sea today. Ferry from Coupville to Port Townsend.

All tucked up on the back of the ferry

Julie glad to be back at sea

Rhinoceros Auklet - with lunch And again


Bald Eagle

2nd-4th August - Salt Creek County Park

The northern shore of Washington State near to Port Angeles.

Overlooking Vancouver Island Twin Trees!

So much for the beach picnic Bald Eagles, Mum and juvenile
River Otter playing in the sea Just wandering through the campground
Pigeon Guillemot Harbour Seal

5th August - Mora CG, Olympic NP, La Push

Out to the west coast of Washington State hopeful that the fog hasn't followed us.

Tucked in nicely (again!) At least we can see the sea here

Sooo much timber washed up on the shoreline More otters having fun

6th/7th August - Screamin' Eagle CG, Ocean Beach, Oregon

One of our few private sites, everywhere else was full. Easy walk to the beach but not too much to see. Loads of wild blackberries around so, of course, chief scrumper Ron went collecting. Baking not that easy on the RV. No recipes, no scales, no rolling pin (coke can substitute). Result was delicious.

Pretty quiet here Pretty quiet here too

The result of the blackberry picking Screaming Eagle campground

8th/9th August - Cape Disappointment SP, Ilwaco, Oregon

Still a little chilly in the evenings here and campfires are the order of the day (or evening).

Beers by the campfire Gulls and Terns everywhere

The Germans are here - towels are out The river estuary from up above

Cape Disappointment Light My foot hurts!!

10th/11th August - Port of Garibaldi County RV Park, Garibaldi, Oregon

We had tried to book this but found out we had failed. After no help from the campground host went to the Port office, had a good whinge and miraculously they found us a site for the weekend.

Nothing special Baby Gull

12th August - Devil's Lake SP, Lincoln City

Still on the Oregon coastline but at least we seem to have lost the fog - temporarily I would add. Been here before when the "Skunk Cabbage" was in full bloom - not good for the nose. This time much better. Good walks to the beach and town where we could get into a bar and have a beer or two.

Devil's Lake - through the greenery Julie didn't tell me??

Tillamook Cheese and Ice Cream factory Cheese for Julie, Ice Cream for Ron

13th/14th August - South Beach SP, Newport

Mid-holiday season and this place is heaving. Schools out so everyone heads for the beach. Heading inland after this to get away from the crowds - hopefully. Stop-off on the way at Yaquina Head Lighthouse to look at the wildlife.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Common Murre

Gray Whale Harbour Seals

Also hired bikes for the day and cycled to the estuary and the brewery.

Our favourite brewery - Rogue International And a very happy lady
The bridge at Newport in the fog The taming of the shrew

15th/16th August - Trout Creek NF

Just picked out of the book but turned out to be a spectacular spot. Drinks spot on the banks of the river with the American Dipper performing for us.

Still going strong Drinks time by the creek

American Dipper Water Shrew

17th/18th August - La Pine SP, La Pine

Fairly huge state park with two main campgrounds. Plenty of walking to be done by the river etc. The park is also famous for its "Big Pine". This was the biggest and tallest Ponderosa Pine in the US. Unfortunately the crown fell off in a storm so it is now not the tallest but remains the biggest girth.

Harvey Too in the Pines Big Pine

Says it all And the monster itself

19th August - Mazama CG, Crater Lake NP

And so on to a new National Park for us. The lake is at the top of what was an active volcano. The road actually skirts the rim of the crater and looks down onto the lake. Unfortunately due to all the smoke from forest fires the lake was hardly visible.

What can be seen of Crater Lake Stella's Jay
Golden-mantled Squirrel again

20th/21st August - Goose Lake SP, Nr Lakeview,Oregon

Looking at the map, Goose Lake shows that it is about 40 miles long and twenty miles wide. The second morning we take a walk to the lake with the expectancy of seeing lots of bird life. What we did see was cows grazing as far as the eye could see. The lake was gone. Dried out. Disappointing to say the least.

Guess who - yes Ron Belted Kingfisher looking for the lake!
Deer with apple Hornet's nest

22nd August - Chilcoot NF, California

Nothing too much to say on this one - another means to an end

You must have guessed by now! Cooper's Hawk

23rd-25th August - Convict Lake NF

Stunning location. Up in the Sierra Nevada's it really is a spectacular location. A very convenient three mile walk round the lake - done numerous times, I might add.

The Sierra Nevadas Convict Lake

26th August - The Highlands RV Park, Bishop

Stopped in Bishop because it has a repair shop for our generator which has inconveniently packed up. Unfortunately the repair was beyond them. As a side benefit though Julie found her Mexican restaurant that just happened to serve pints of Margarita.

A very happy lady yet again MacGillivray's Warbler

27th August - Lower Gray's Meadow NF, Independence

Again we are in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Been here before and it is just a nice quiet location to spend a day.

Harvey Too feeling a little lonely Gambel's Quail
Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird... ...being fed by Warbling Vireo

28th August - Fossil Falls BLM, Nr Dunrovin

Very small Bureau of Land Management site that we have actually been to before. A thousand years ago or so there used to be a river here with a waterfall tumbling over the cliffs. Not anymore. There are only four sites here to fit us though we did have a choice of all four.

Amongst the rocks Imagine this a thousand years ago

29th August - Shady Lane RV Camp, Barstow

Convenient stopover with laundry, showers etc. And very necessary A.C.

30th/31st August - Jumbo Rocks CG, Joshua Tree NP

One of our favourite National Parks, Joshua Tree. We have been here about five times but never tire of the place. There are a number of different campgrounds we can use and this time we elect for Jumbo Rocks.

Harvey Too tucked in the rocks Skull Rock

Great views Everywhere

1st September - Mayflower County Park, Blythe, California

Again we have been here before but couldn't really remember it. Nice but a bit busy (Labour Day weekend) with all the boaters heading out on the Colorado River.

Juvenile Vermillion Flycatcher Greater Roadrunner

2nd-4th September - Saddle Mountain RV Park, Tonopah, Arizona

Our regular final stopping place where we can get the laundry done and give Harvey Too a final inside and outside clean up. Things have heated up a bit as well with temperatures in the 40's deg C. The only issue now is that a chicken farm has been built just upwind which happens to stink to high heaven - especially in the evening as you are about to sit out for dinner. Despite law suits nothing has or it seems will happen.

Sunny days for our last stop And lots of trimmed palm trees

5th September - Always RV

And here we are back to storage after a mammoth trip of 7,095 miles and 11 different States, Provinces, Territories.

6th September - Fly UK

A few days in the UK before heading home to Larnaca on the 17th.



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