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America Spring/Summer 2022 (Page 3)

23rd April - 19th July - American RV trip

Muncho Lake, BC to Phoenix, Arizona

19th June - Strawberry Flats PP, Muncho Lake, British Columbia

Back into British Columbia after Alaska and the Yukon. Starting to feel like we are on our way home.

Another lake, more trees Lovely views though
Out across the lake Still got snowy mountains though
Stone Sheep Beautiful wild orchid
Beautiful but not sure Very odd little flower cups

20th June - Triple G RV Park, Fort Nelson

Stayed here once before so we knew we could get laundry done. They also have a restaurant so ate out for once.

The restaurant and office

21st June - Buckinghorse River Wayside PP

Another riverside campground we managed to find. Always nice to be by the water whether it be river or lake or sea.

In the trees again Beaver dam on the river
Gray Jay Juvenile Grey Squirrel
White-throated Sparrow Tennessee Warbler

22nd June - Swan Lake PP

A small provincial park and just so nice.

Nice quiet little spot Oh yes - right next to some water
Large Dragonfly Field of Dandelion Heads

23rd June - Gregg lake PP, William A. Switzer SP

On the way to Gregg Lake and as you can see, we have not quite left winter behind. Bit of a serious blizzard which left snow and ice on the road. Bit of a challenge for the RV. We had actually intended to go elsewhere but turned out to be not that great so went back up the road about two miles and into this place which afforded us power and water. Threw it down with rain all the time we were there so didn't get out much.

Snowy, Icy road. A bit clearer now

Young Black Bear

And again with brother or sister

24th June - Waterfowl CG, Banff NP

Stayed here once before and remembered the free firewood.

Guess what?


Bighorn Sheep Mountain Goats

Views out over the lake

And more snowy mountains

A very still day - lovely reflections

More reflections

Picnic Time

Slightly bigger one this time

25th/26th Dry Gulch PP

Another Provincial Park in BC we had been to before.

It's all in the sign About the first time for the awning
MacGillivray's Warbler Red-naped Sapsucker

27th June - Kikomun Creek PP, Surveyors CG

And another Provincial Park. They are everywhere in BC.

Not so many trees for Harvey here Ground Squirrel - not sure which
Western Tanager Still beautiful flowers around
Painted Turtle Baby Painted Turtle

28th June - Outback RV Park, Bigfork, Montana, U.S.

We have crossed back into the US and our first stop is in Montana - and what a rip off. Cost $75 for a spot but not even a laundry as it was still being built after new management came in. No water either because it was contaminated with ecoli!

29th June - Spring Gulch CG, Sula

Just a stop off for us. Turned out to be a really nicely kept small campground. Very friendly host.

Even cut the grass for us Cedar Waxwing
White-breasted Nuthatch Possible a Hoary Marmot

30th June/ 1st/2nd July - BLM, near Mackay

OK, we had planned to go into the nearby campground which turned out to be full. Shame as it was quite cheap with power and water. However, a mile down the road we have free camping on BLM land and find the perfect spot on the shore of the lake. So nice we stay here for three days as it is holiday weekend in the US.

Stunning No Snow!!
Fooled us. Turned around and saw the snow Osprey with fish
Western Grebe Baby Northern Flicker

3rd July - Rogerson RV Park

A small private site, nice and quiet, laundry, WiFi, power and water. What more could you ask for.

4th/5th/6th July - Lake View CG, Cave Lake SP

It's 4th July - THE big holiday in the US. We find a lovely site and decide to stay for a few days. Unfortunately the lake is empty. A leakage problem with the dam meant they had to empty the lake to make repairs.

Our site for a few days Golden Mantled Squirrel
Golden mantled squirrel again Squirrel and Chipmunk

7th July - Grey Cliffs CG, Lehmann Caves, Great Basin NP

Another place we had visited before but this time we are in a different campground as the place is so busy. Couldn't even book a slot to visit the caves. The campsite was pretty remote so not very busy here.

Grey cliffs in the background Beautiful flowers everywhere
Juniper Titmouse Bushtit

8th/9th July - Maple Grove CG

Been here before a couple of times and we have managed to finish up in our "usual" site. Julie in heaven with the bird life, nice fairly easy walks all around the place. The only problem was the last bit of the drive to get here. A massive plague of grasshoppers were flying around and we must have killed hundreds driving into them. The good news was that the American Robins came along and took all the dead ones out of the grill at the front.

Harvey Too in lovely snug campsite The stream
American Dipper Anna's Hummingbirds
Lazuli Bunting American Robin feeding a juvenile
Swallowtail Butterfly Hermit Thrush
Yellow Warbler feeding a Juvenile Turkey Vulture
Black-chinned Hummingbird Green-tailed Towhee

10th July - Piute SP

Very odd place. We are the only people here. There are no fixed sites just find somewhere to park up. Much of the area is no good for us as it is soft gravel and the last thing we want is to get stuck.

The best (only) site in town View down to the lake
Back with the pelicans And some more

11th/12th July - Kodachrome Basin SP

Stunning State Park which we have been to before. Fairly quiet but it is getting hot and people have AC's running.

Looking down on Harvey Too Great Geology
Just another view Julie taking it easy
Views views views About 60ft tall

13th July - Bryce Canyon NP

Back here again. Our absolute favourite National Park. Look at the views, how could you argue. Thought that it would be really busy but turned out to be the opposite. Downside is that you just have to do "The Walk". Start at the top and wend your way down a few thousand feet, then hike along the canyon floor with a few more ups and downs. Take a few photographs and then start the long trudge back up to the top.

Looking down from the top Amazing geology
Had to be done Had to be done again
Arty view Some of the thousands of Hoodoo's
High Altitude Weather Balloon Closer up

14th July - Jacob Lake NF

Quite a large campground but still almost full. It is one of the closest campgrounds to the North Rim of Grand Canyon which explains that.

Rufous Hummingbird Western Bluebird

15th July - Jack's Canyon

Odd place. It is one of our books and says "go through the gate but please close it when you are in. There is a fixed campground but the track is really rough so yet again we stay in our "usual" spot. There is no one else around so it just doesn't matter.

All on his own Rufous Hummingbird

16th/17th July - Windy Hill CG, Lake Roosevelt, Tonto NF

One of the numerous campgrounds at Lake Roosevelt. We have driven past Bermuda Beach which is totally heaving and head off to where we hope we will get a space. We try the next campground but get put off because there is absolutely no one there. On to one we have been in before and again the place is not quite but nearly empty. Very odd. Bit noisy with generators running so we change to a different loop on the campground. Very nice new spot.

Bit quieter in this loop Back in Arizona with the cactii
Sunset?? A moth. No idea what type
Great Horned Owl Greater Roadrunner

18th July - Queen Valley RV Resort

Our last stop before going back into storage. Always try to find somewhere with laundry and internet. Well we did but felt strange. The place has over a hundred sites but 94 of them are taken up with permanent mobile homes. We are the only RV here. Also not quite so cheap as shown on the website. Still, last stop.

19th July - Always

And we are back home. 9,300 miles under the belt. A few bits of damage to be repaired. Our lift to the hotel arranged before heading to the airport the next day and we are heading out of the heat - 46 deg C in Phoenix!



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