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America Spring/Summer 2022 (Page 1)

23rd April - 19th July - American RV trip

Log of the trip

Phoenix, Arizona to Boya Lake, British Columbia, Canada

23rd April - Always RV, Arizona, US

Arrived at Always RV in Mesa, just outside of Phoenix, to collect the motorhome and check everything out before departing on our journey.

Harvey Too on a power slot at Always RV

24th April - Saddle Mountain BLM

One of our regular kick-off points,  After a morning trip to the nearest Walmart to stock up on essentials we head out to one of our favourite places - Saddle Mountain.

Saddle Mountain - camping on BLM land Anna's Hummingbird on Ocotillo flower
Julie bird-watching (as usual!) Ash-throated Flycatcher

25th April - Black Rock CG, Joshua Tree NP, California

Just a day at Saddle Mountain and then on to the northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park. Headed into Black Rock campground only to be told that the place was full. We had half expected some of this but not this early in the year. However, a few tears and sob stories later the very kind lady gave us the Emergency Services site on the premise we would vacate if necessary. It wasn't!!

Our "Emergency Services" site Beautiful cactus flower
 Julie on "Bird Watch" Audubon's Oriole (new one for Julie)
 Gambel's Quail  Scrub Jay

26th April - Fossil Falls CG

Our third or fourth time here. Normally a fee of about $8 per night but this time no way to pay and no-one came to collect so a free night for us. Very quiet with only about two other campers around.

 Seriously rugged landscape  Harvey's back end!
The Owen river used to run through here. Certainly left its mark
 Horned Lark  A Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel - Maybe

27th April - The Highlands RV Park, Bishop

Back into a little civilization with a commercial campground so that we have laundry, wifi etc. We also have a choice of restaurants in walking distance. One Mexican, one American. Based on our meal at the Mexican last time we opt for the American. Last time the owners had lost their liquor license hence the Mexican option but new owners had renewed the license.

28th/29th April - Convict Lake Campground, Inyo National Forest

Moving on north we get to a pretty cold Convict Lake. Doesn't help that it is at 8,500ft. Of course Julie drags me out hiking through the cold, crossing mini glaciers etc. It really is beautiful though and we have the clothes to keep warm.

Not so warm Happy Bunny
Harvey in spectacular scenery Convict Lake itself - not frozen
Mountain views Drinks time for the locals
 Bullock's Oriole  Chipmunk

30th April - Honey Lake RV Park

Another private site for some internet access. Turned out to be a really good stop. Not expensive, small shop, excellent views over the lake.

 Harvey overlooking Honey Lake  Western Kingbird

1st/2nd May, Goose Lake, SRA, Oregon

Right on the border between California and Oregon the "Lake" is approx 30 x 20 miles in area. We have yet to see water in it. Last time cows were grazing there, this time just a puddle. Very few campers around. The photo shows blue skies but we also had hail and snow and was pretty cold at night.

Guess who

One of Julies walks (crawls)

Ground Squirrel Mule deer wandering through the site
Not a lake - a puddle Sandhill Crane
White-crowned Sparrow Evening Grosbeak
Red-tailed Hawk Downy Woodpecker

3rd May - Wyeth CG, La Pine

A sort of means to an end. Had to find somewhere to stop and just chose this place. Turned out to be rather nice with a steamy river, lots of different birds for Julie and a fairly nice easy walk.

A river runs through it A very steamy river in the morning  
Belted Kingfisher Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Hooded Merganser (Duck) Mountain Chickadee
 River Otter  Guess What!!

4th May - South Beach SP, Newport, Oregon

We have been here numerous times but it is always nice to go back. Nice easy State Park with some good walks though this time it was cold and wet.

An old haunt of ours in Oregon Even with its own forest
 A little choppy out there  But still lovely

5th May - Devil's Lake SP

The weather had taken its toll here and part of the park had been destroyed by floods. Still a good spot and a good bar/restaurant nearby.

Visited one of our whale watching spots at Yaquina Head but it was so windy we couldn't even get to the lighthouse.

Nearby Yaquina Point Light Too windy to get close

6th May - Kampers West Kampground, Warrenton

 A means to an end

7th May, Potlatch SP

Basically a roadside State Park. Well known in the area as the beach across the road is a famous clam collecting area.

A long bridge across the bay Our slot in Potlach
 Clammers  Nashville Warbler

8th/9th May - Fort Worden SP

Think our third visit here. Always good for walks but this time the bar was closed!!!! 

Walking the old battlements So many of them
Old Designs Rufous Hummingbird
 Dark-eyed Junco American Robin
Mule Deer Some sort of squirrel
 Killdeer... ...and baby

10th May - Fort Ebey SP

A short ferry crossing over to Whidbey Island and up to the first State Park. Again nice walks.

On the ferry across to the island View across
Bald Eagle Chestnut-backed Chickadee

11th May - Hidden Village RV Park, Lyndon

Last stop in the US before crossing the border into Canada. Ron's birthday today but unfortunately no restaurants nearby.

12th/13th May - Emory Creek Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

 Destination number one. First stop in Canada and we are in the same spot as in our previous visit.

On the banks of the Fraser River Someone enjoying the solitude
Beautiful green spring flora Least Flycatcher

14th May - Lac La Hache PP

  A bird spotters paradise. Guess who's happy.

 Harvey Too in the trees again Common Loon 

15th May - Canyon Creek RV Park, Hixon

Big private site but a good stopover to get a few things done and have a meal out.

16th May - Beaumont PP

Really nice spot on the banks of the river. Wildlife about including many birds, and of course rabbits.

Harvey hidden amongst the trees Beautiful views though
 Chilled hiker  Not so chilled wildlife

17th May Tyhee Lake PP

Just a stopover en route but turned out to be a really nice stop with nice walks - even though they want to stop everyone having fun; No drinking, no smoking, no whacky backy.

Spot for the night Spoil sports
Golden Crowned Sparrow Surf Scoter Duck

18th May - Kinaskan PP

This stop was not part of the plan. We had planned to stop at the previous site - Mezziadin but it was closed due to heavy snow which hadn't been cleared. Kinaskan was also supposed to be closed for another couple of days but a very friendly young lady who happened to be the camp host had cleared a few sites and allowed a few campers in early. There is some sensibility in places after all. This was our first stop by a frozen lake.

Mum and babies crossing Made it safely
Snowy mountain country Julie's turn with the grey jays
Chilled beer - no fridge necessary The frozen lake
More frozen lake And yet more
Yellow rumped Warbler Gray Jay

19th/20th/21st May - Boya Lake PP

Another of our favourite places. It apparently was a holiday weekend so we decided to stop for three nights. Last time here we had beaver swimming across the lake. This time it was a bit too frozen but did thaw while we were there. Nice friendly lady running the place and we got to know a few other visitors over the three days. Two Dutch couples and a Canadian couple.

Harvey Too at Boya The intrepid photographer
Ron with Gray Jay Wilson's Warbler
Beautiful blue view Stunning
Evening colours The ice is melting!!
Ruffed Grouse Some sort of squirrel
Dam on the lake, beaver dam behind Lincoln's Sparrow



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