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The Wedding

27th March 2004

The wedding sort of started one night in December while we were at the Turkiz Hotel in Kemer attending the birthday party of Josephina from S/Y "Harriette".  There we (Julie and Ron) were dancing away when Julie suddenly asked why I hadn’t asked her to marry me for ages. Well having been turned down SOoooo many times I replied that I thought that was off the agenda. Why don’t you try again she said.  Smelling the proverbial rat I duly did so to which she said YES.  Well you could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather and according to others nothing would have wiped the smile from my face that night.  So the following is a mainly pictorial story of our wedding and the build up to it. Where thanks are due, and there are many, we have put them on the relevant page.

Some thanks however don’t really fit to a specific page so here goes……

Kemer Marina Staff who all showed just what they could do – magnificent

Hasan – for allowing us to take over the marina for a couple of days

Frank, Tari, Geoff and Jen for everything they did for us before, during and since

Everyone who donated CD’s of pictures – we finished up with over a 1,000 pics.

So, all you now have to do is click on the relevant picture description and it will take you to that part of the story…….


The Stag Night

 The Hen Night


Friday – Pot Luck Night

Saturday – The Big Day


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