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Pot Luck Night

Friday 26th March

It’s the night before the wedding and all the liveaboards in Kemer Marina have put together a pot luck supper in our honour and also to welcome our visitors from the UK.  This was to be no ordinary pot luck.

The self elected wedding committee had got their heads together and selected a menu, if you can have a menu at a pot luck. What this meant was that we had the most wonderful choice of food that anyone could have seen in a very long time. People had brought things in from their home countries;  Roast Hams from Sweden, Gravalax from Scotland, different foods too many to mention from Australia, Finland, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France USA etc etc. If I have missed any my sincerest apologies.

We were not however to be allowed to partake of this extravaganza until completion of the ceremonies.  What ceremonies I hear you asking, or was that an echo of what Julie and I were saying.  As soon as we arrived we were dragged off to the back rooms to change….. Into what we asked. We were soon to find out.

A “Spoof” wedding had been set up with all the players cross-dressing.  Yes, yours truly was the blushing bride and Julie managed a very manly Groom.

Ronette and Jules

Jules and Ronette

  Of course it wasn’t only us that had to do a bit of cross-dressing;


The Ladies…er Men??

The Men…er Ladies??

There were of course many more protagonists in the plot none less than the organisers of the event Frank and Tari,  my “Dad” Chris from "Aventura" who very kindly gave a dowry of a litre of Single Malt Scotch. (To be severely depleted the same night) .

Tari the organiser and Father Frank

My Dad and me

And so our first wedding duly took place, we ate a banquet and continued partying to the “wee small hours” as the Jocks say.  Talking of wee small Irish Jocks, (Jim S/Y "Quintessence") we did party a little too late that night and finished up back on "Quintessence" trying to demolish the dowry.

The wedding party... ...and partying on S/Y "Quintessence"

And so thanks:

Tari and Frank  (Vision)

Daphne ("Quintessence"),  Sue ("Why Not"),  Val ("Mulloka II")

Chris and Mary ("Aventura")

Others too many to remember.


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