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The Stag Night

Friday 19th March

This has to be pretty much a pictorial story primarily because I can’t remember much about what happened.  About 35 of us set off from Kemer to Antalya, all wearing the loudest shirts available, and first of all went to the Bowling Alley where much fun was had by all – and a couple of beers of course.   After the bowling it was back on the buses and to the old part of Antalya to a very typical old style Ottoman Restaurant for dinner.

At this stage of the proceedings, probably somewhere between the starter and the main course myself (Ron), Geoff and Hasan managed to get into a Raki (Firewater) drinking contest. No one seems to know just how many we had though the following morning I could put a good guess on it!!!  It was so bad that we nearly missed the compulsory belly dancer – but not quite;

Hasan – Always in there first

No touching John

More drinks followed of course and more entertainment though by now it was getting lost in the mist.

Geoff – getting things going

Ron – keeping them going

(just before the broken shoulder)

(just before the 2 broken ribs)

Eventually, it was back on the buses and on to a night club at one of the big hotels.  It is at this point that both myself and Geoff  left this mortal coil (at least mentally) and were duly looked after by Frank and the rest of the guys. Neither of us remember anything from this point on until arriving back at the marina.

Not remembering too much

Still not……..


Hasan – still partying

The Aussies get their own back

And so at some point in the early hours of the morning we arrived back at the marina. At this point the Aussies amongst us decided to extract some revenge for all the leg pulling I had done at their expense on the Marina VHF Net.  My rear end was duly stamped with two Aussie flags – one each cheek.

Thanks go to:

Geoff who arranged nearly everything for the night

Frank who helped and then looked after us

All the guys for a great night.



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