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Wedding Day

27th March 2004

The Big Day had finally arrived as had the relatives and friends from the UK. These included Julies Mum, Molly, brother Phil, Robin and Alison and Linda and Seamus.  A nice peaceful morning was to be followed by a hectic afternoon and evening, but who’s complaining.

At about lunchtime invited guests headed for Sooty Albatross for a bit of Dutch Courage in the form of Champagne or Bucks Fizz.

The Family Group

Jen – S/Y Sooty Albatross

At about 2.30pm everyone except Julie and Geoff headed for the Navigator where the Ceremony was to be performed. Arrangements were in hand for Geoff to “Deliver” the bride to the Navigator courtesy of one of the Marina RIB’s nicely decked out with flowers and ribbons.

Geoff and Julie arriving

Jen and Geoff with "Sooty Albatross"

This is really about the time that the surprises started to happen.  Unknown to either of us the Classical Quartet from the Antalya Symphony Orchestra who played every third week at the Marina had insisted on being part of the ceremonies and were there to play “Here Comes the Bride”.  About 150 people were there for the wedding most from Kemer Marina but also others from Antalya including Hans and Gisela from S/Y "Tunnix", Chris and Wendy from S/Y "Spirit of Delft". The ceremony itself was to be performed by the Mayor of Kemer as his last function before the forthcoming elections. (He was re-elected)

Three Quarters of a Quartet

The Ceremony – Mayor in Pink

The ceremony itself required two witnesses both of whom had to be able to speak English and Turkish. We had originally asked Hasan and Frank to do this but Frank didn’t get his act together in time with the language thing (too busy looking after drunks) and so Jane Baz the British Consul from Antalya stepped into the breach and did a marvelous job.

Once the words had been said and the papers signed, sealed and delivered it was time to resume the party. Lots of local Champagne, and thanks to Christian and Danielle from S/Cat "Bingo" we had lots of French wines to do the toasts with.  After the ‘many’ toasts it was all inside for the next part of the entertainment. One certainly not to have been missed.  The Kemer Khorale had been rehearsing for months to perform three songs for us. They were to be very ably assisted by the Quartet, Steve (S/Cat "Mystic") on the guitar and Robin and Alison who joined the choir at extremely short notice. They had however been sent the words and music previously.  Well, the Khorale did not just do us proud but also themselves   They performed the theme from Titanic, the love song from Lion King and The Wedding Song.  Truly any choir anywhere would have been hard pushed to better them.   Ann from S/Cat "Toucan Tango" had moulded them into a real fighting unit and they were just perfect.


Part of the Khorale

The Musicians



Ann – Taking Charge

So, the afternoon’s entertainment started to wind down. But not before the traditional cake cutting.  Sue from S/Y "Not Yet" had performed miracles by making not just one wedding cake but four. And all this in the galley on their boat. Hubby Ross needs special mention too for putting up with the disruption.  Sue had not only made the cakes herself but also made all the decorations with the exception of the “Bride and Groom” figures which had been given by Geoff and Jen.

The Cutting Ceremony

Thank You – Sue

In the evening we had over 70 invited guests to dinner in the Navigator Restaurant the meal being cooked by the Navigator staff. It was of quite some interest that we could count 17 different nationalities there that night.  Steve from S/Cat "Mystic" did the entertainment with a few nicely played and sung numbers including Julies choice, Elvis’s Love Me Tender.  Ahhhhh!!

Lots of toasts were made, lots more wine was drunk and many stories told. Mostly as it turns out by Julies good friend Linda and by her mum Molly.  Hasan did his toast as “Father of the Bride” for a day anyway and the Bride and Groom both did their thankyou’s to everyone.  For some reason Geoff had to be coerced into taking a drink with Ron thinking it was the dreaded Raki – just water Geoff (remember the stag night).

And so by about 11.00pm things were starting to wind down. Ron’s Flu had caught up with him and he could hardly talk (so what’s the bad news I hear you saying).  A very comfortable night was spent in the Turkiz Hotel courtesy of the Marina and more wonderful  memories were made than should be legal.


Linda and Seamus

Molly, Hasan and wife Gonul


Frank and Tari

Geoff and Jen


Hans and Gisela

Robin and Alison


Steve and Jill

The Newly-weds



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