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On arrival in Kemer we (Julie and Ron) decided that we were going to be pretty useless at teaching French, Italian, Arabic, Patchwork Quilting, Barn Dancing or indeed any of the multitude of other subjects that were going to be available during our winter stay. So, what were we good at? Drinking (didn't need to teach that to a group of Yachties; Eating (Ditto); Talking - well maybe. But how? A quick walk across to the bar in the Navigator and a couple of pints later and voila!!! - The idea of the Kemer Kronicle was born. So computer skills to the fore and Julie got the format in place. BS skills also to the fore (that is Bullshitting to the uninitiated) and Ron got the stories flowing. The idea of the Kronicle was to sum up the liveaboard life in the marina and to pass on valuable and also useless information to everyone living there during the winter months. We had huge amounts of fun publishing it every month and with the invaluable assistance of the marina staff managed to produce a fairly professional looking "newspaper" on a monthly basis. The majority of the other liveaboards eagerly anticipated its publication perhaps to see if they had been the butt of our jokes or not. Our April Fools stories were sometimes taken a little serious by those that didn't know us but in the end everyone had fun reading it. If you have a little time then please have a browse.  Disclaimer; As usual the KK may be full of lies, errors and omissions. The editors, although responsible, just simply refuse to accept that responsibility.

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