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31th May – 5th June - Jounieh, Lebanon

This page will be mainly pictorial as so many wonderful sites and places visited. A beautiful modern marina with all facilities though some boats did have to raft due to lack of space.  A trip into central Beirut was organised and we had a pleasant wander around a now modern rebuilt city and enjoyed sitting in a café and watching the world go round.

The Rally yachts in Jounieh

View of the marina from Harrissa





Café society in central Beirut

Our first full day saw us taking a coach to Byblos (and watching Hasan and Hans on “Lady Barbara” still trying to tack in having had engine failure and with virtually no wind, had been motionless for most of the night).  Byblos was very interesting with a tourist street selling gifts, the old site and original harbour. A beautiful location and probably was a very wealthy city.  We also visited Aleppo with its Citadel and very colourful Souk.


Entrance to the citadel Aleppo

The covered souk at Aleppo


The beautiful Roman site of Byblos

Harrissa overlooking Beirut

Our next day took us to the Roman site of Baalbeck most famous for the temple. A lovely wander around the ruins of a quite substantial site. After that we stopped off at Anjar which I believe was inhabited by the Phoenicians so had a different feel and architecture. 

Incredible Roman site of Baalbeck

The temple at Balbeck


Ruins at Anjar

View of the whole site at Anjar

Back at the marina we had a wonderful Rally dinner with plenty of food and even bottles of wine and whisky on the tables (free!). Excellent hospitality from the marina.

The committee and group leaders.



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