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January - June 2019 - Cyprus

January 2019

Another couple of weeks in the UK checking on Molly etc.


5th/6th - Forest Park Hotel.

We have made a conscious decision to see a bit more of this island we live on. Our first trip is up to Troodos to "play" in the snow. Stayed in the nearby village of Platres though.

Ron, the snow angel Julie ready for a hike

19th/20th - Droushia Heights Hotel

Our next trip out is to take advantage of a B & B deal at the very nice Droushia Heights hotel. Even got an upgrade to an executive suite. During our time we ventured to Lara Beach which is way out in the Akamas national park. A rough ride to get there having to cross through 3 rivers with the car. A sign of how much rain we have had this winter.

The Droushia Heights hotel The view out


5th/6th - Nicosia - Pedieos Guest House

Our next trip takes us to the northern part of Nicosia - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. A really nice little guest house recommended by our friends Jenny and Frank. Lovely walks through the old city and a nice couple of meals out including our favourite Iskender Kabab.

The Pedios Guest House Guess where?

Guess again - daylight this time Inside - the outside patio

15th - 18th - Istanbul

This time we ventured a little further with a trip to Istanbul. Easy to get to flying from Ercan airport in the Northern part of Cyprus. Stayed at the VERY nice Rixos Pera very close to the British Consulate building. Had a great weekend, found a local Irish Bar where we were made very welcome. While here we joined the Istanbul Hash House Harriers for their Sunday run. Incredibly the run took us through almost every tourist spot you could want to see. The Blue Mosque, Ayia Sophia, Topkapi Palace etc. Then on for drinks to the Hash local - which just happens to be the Irish Bar next to our hotel.

Our 5 star hotel View of the Golden Triangle area

Relaxation in the Grand Bazaar The stunning Grand Bazaar

Tourists everywhere - including us Ladies of the IH3 - Wearing Polygon Hash vests

Very informal circle down by the water Irish Bar on Paddy's Day - what could be better

And of course - the Irish Bar And - yuk - Green Beer

26th - Kukla Wetlands

A morning trip out to enjoy the spring flowers and look for birds. This is a wetland area just over the border in the north that usually dries out in the summer. Lots of water this year after the winter rains.

Ron chillaxing Mass of yellow

A lone poppy Wild garlic

29th - Bar Night

Another one of our (in)famous bar nights. Not quite as rowdy as last time though we still didn't pack up till gone 4.00am.

Phil and Alison arrived 31st for 3 weeks. Staying partly with us, venturing to the North for a week or so and then staying Larnaca for the last few days.

Alison and Phil Together with Diane and David at Panos


13th - Birthday Party at Vibes

We somehow wangled an invite to the Vibes owners birthday party - part of the Hash group. Really nice night. Food on the house and drinks at a very reasonable price.

Paul - doubling up All eyes on the belly dancer

21st - Polygon Easter Hash

Our annual Easter Hash Picnic - held at Delikipos again. Ron doing his usual tom foolery as the RA

Where next?? Easter Bunny Ron

Some of the unruly hashers Jockanory getting cuddles from Hash Bag

30th April/1st May - Dipkarpaz

Yet another trip out - this time to somewhere we had never been. Up to the north and the Panhandle or properly known as the Karpaz. Lovely little hotel with boutique style bungalow rooms. Of course our trip had to include a drive to the furthest most point - the lighthouse at the very edge of northeast Cyprus.

Our accomodation Breakfast table

The Love Birds And a proper bird - a Little Owl


5th - Frog and Owls

A couple of nature photos.

Frog from our pond A couple of Little Owls

10th/11th/12th - Larnaca Hash Away Weekend - Vouni King Hotel, Yeşilirmak

Our annual Larnaca Hash away weekend. This time at yesilirmak in the north. Very well organised by Josie and Paul, OK then Josie. Ably assisted by Rob and Diane. An absolutely brilliant weekend with two very good walks. A magic area for hiking etc. Also the centre of the strawberry growing area - and they were in season. 10TL (1.5 Euro) for a bucket full.

Dinner in the restaurant - the two Anns View of the hotel from the top

The runners and the Birthday Boys

It's those love birds again Mad Hashers

The Circle - in the hotel car park Zebedee trying his moves - and failing

24th/25th/26th - Agios Fotios Camping Weekend

Our 4th camping weekend which seems to be going from strength to strength. After a couple of last minute cancellations we still finished up with 35 happy hashers up at our cottage. Some staying in various B & B's in the area and some turning the lounge and kitchen into a dormitory. Eight actual tents put up for the hardy campers. On the Friday night Ron cooked a beef stew for the 35 which seemed to go down rather well. Also served for the first time was Ron's rum punch which seemed to go down even better.

Setting up camp Ron with his rum punch

The runners... ...exhausted

The walkers with runners in the background The circle

Recovery walk Josie and Paul leading the pack

Saturday morning nearly everyone headed out for the Agios Fotios Hash run number seven. A fairly serious hash with quite a few serious ups and downs. Not too far for the walkers at 2.5 miles but just a touch strenuous. The hardy runners managed a 5 miler but did come back absolutely cream crackered.

Saturday evening saw the serious business of throwing alcohol down your neck. This year the "Whisky Club" convened with a couple of apprentices and sampled some excellent wee drams. Not to be outdone of course some of the ladies decided that if we men can have a Whisky club then they can have a "Fizz Club" and duly got down to putting a bottle of fizz down their necks. 

Sunday morning Julie mustered the troops for a "recovery" run. This time she made life a little easier for everyone by taking last years walkers trail. Virtually everyone went on the walk while Ron did a tidy of the garden etc. before everyone headed home to really recover.

A brilliant weekend made more so by all our guests.

Unfortunately bad news was awaiting our return back in Alethriko in that Ron's sister, Yvonne, had died earlier that day. We were heading home on Thursday 30th anyway so stayed with that plan. The funeral was arranged for Wednesday 12th June so we delayed our flight to the US until after that. Meanwhile, some time in Wellingborough, a few days in Wales before a couple of days in Wakefield.

7th - 10th June - Wales

Our trip diaries can be found HERE.

12th June - Yvonne's Funeral and Wake

Not really the best reason to meet up with all the family. Unfortunately Yvonne died on the 26th May which was the reason for our delayed trip. Apart from the sadness it was the chance to tie up again with Ron's family.




We arrived in Phoenix, US, Friday 14th June and the trip diaries can be found HERE.



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