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21st-23rd May -  Mersin, Turkey   

Girne to Mersin was 110nm. This was another overnight passage so most boats started leaving during the afternoon. Frank and Julie got in the dinghy to help people get their anchors up and were patting themselves on the back having done a great job, when returning to "Vision" found that she was aground, well and truly perched on a rock! So much for a quick departure. Instead we settled down to have a relaxing dinner and wait for the tide (only a rise of about 18 inches) to come back in. This happened at about 2200 so we set off in the dark. We made good time but decided to let Hasan sort out the arrival at Mersin, and so we stopped for a swim at Kizkalesi.

Kizkalesi castle

Rally boats at Mersin

The yacht marina at Mersin had been cleared of local boats for us so there was no problem with space and most boats got an alongside berth.  "Vision" being the last boat in had a space reserved by Hasan and though this was in quite a tight space, Frank showed the advantage of having two engines, and turned "Vision" in her own length to berth perfectly on the pontoon. Everybody was now getting used to the Rally and much more relaxed. We opted out of the trip the next day and were invited to s/y "Bagueera" for a crab lunch. Fortunately Andy was an expert at eating crab so Jen and Julie followed his lead but Geoff and Ron sat at the back and stuck to a liquid lunch.

We were picked up by coach in the evening  for the Rally dinner in a restaurant by the sea. Everybody dressed up for the occasion and we were seated by group and, again, were entertained to a fantastic dinner with typical Turkish meze table and barbequed/grilled meat. Even the beer was free. Hasan, Frank and Tari did the usual presentations to the local dignitaries and organisers. There was also a birthday of the lady from s/y "Sally Ann’O" and we carried a bucket of red roses for her. (the bucket ended up having quite an adventure as later on, on "Vision", Frank had to sort out a ‘plumbing’ problem and grabbed the nearest bucket!! And while emptying the bucket overboard he managed to slip and bounce into the water fully dressed narrowly escaping serious injury but losing his glasses. The bucket was saved though and quietly returned the next day).



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