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15th-16th June - Herzilya, Israel

There was quite a lot of milling around when trying to leave the basin at Port Said as we needed to leave in sequence Ė last boat in, first boat out, to avoid tangling of anchors. The authorities also wanted us to leave together so there would be a procession of boats which would look quite spectacular. Eventually everyone had upped their anchors and we proceeded back out into the Med. Fortunately this time we managed to get past all the fishing boats before it got dark and had quite a pleasant night passage to Herzilya. For a change there was plenty of room and everyone got a good berth in the nice modern marina.

Herzlya Marina

Herzilya marina had welcomed the Rally since it opened about ten years ago and was very happy to put on a great dinner and evening for the final night of the Rally. A very festive occasion with a quartet playing, lots of drink and food. Of course all the final speeches and awards were given and Hasan was presented with a gift. Each group also got together to give out their plaques for the Rally.

Cocktail party in the marina

Final presentations from hasan

The next day there was a trip to Jerusalem and for those that wanted to go further, to Petra in Jordan. We opted just for the Jerusalem part as we both had been to Petra before and a break from the crowds was most welcome.

Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall

When Frank and Tari, Linda and Chris got back, we set off for Cyprus direct but in the end didnít stop but continued straight on to Kemer in Turkey. A long trip but very pleasant catching two large tuna (16 + 18 lbs) on the way.


Ron, Julie, Linda, Chris and Tari on the way back to Kemer

Frank and Ron measuring the tuna

A great thanks to Hasan and his committee for a fantastic Rally and to Frank and Tari for allowing us to 'crew' for them on their boat.



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