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8th-10th June - Ashkelon, Israel

Haifa to Ashkelon was pretty uneventful. We left in the late afternoon and had to go some miles offshore to avoid the shooting range off the coast. A lovely new marina with plenty of space made life easy on arriving, though the entrance was quite shallow due to silting.

Ashkelon Marina

 The Rally boats at Ashkelon

The next day the coaches arrived for our day trip to Masada and the Dead Sea. Most people opted to go on this as it was a highlight of the whole rally. A very interesting wander around the old fortress, and learning the history, and stunning views over the desert and Dead Sea.

The fortress of Masada

View from Masada

On to the Dead Sea where we went into the water and floated around for a bit. The water was very warm and oily but is supposed to be good for the health. Back to the marina for another rally dinner. (Julie and Ron visited old friends Robin and Aviv and Allon while in Ashkelon).

Floating in the Dead Sea

Vision at sea



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