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Larnaca - Cyprus - September to December 2015


Before heading to the UK during the summer we had decided to rent out our apartment and rent a house near the beach. The rents were the same so we couldn't really lose out. Virtually as soon as we were back we were moving. Some of the move done by ourselves but the heavy stuff done by a small removals company.

Our new house at Meneou View from second floor

Back view from bedroom Back of the house

As can be seen we feel we have got the better deal with the house. We have the beach only one row of houses away and at the front we have a small salt lake which keeps us far enough away from the airport to stop us being bothered by any noises.

Still our weekends are spent up at the cottage to try and avoid the humidity on the coast - and because we really like being up there!

September Birds

Red-backed Shrike Winchat

Snipe Bonelli's Eagle

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th - Polygon Hash Away Weekend

The last weekend of September saw us heading off for our away weekend at the Nikki Resort near Polis in the northeast of the island. Friday and Saturday night at the hotel with Hashes on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. A trip to the Aphrodite Rock Brewery in Paphos set the scene for the weekend with a great lunch and one or two pints of Yorkshire Rose - or similar.

Lunch at Aphrodite Rock Brewery Ron and Stuart chatting over a pint of Yorkshire

Guests settling in on the Friday evening

Trish and Ann - part of our Friday entertainment

Ready to head off on Saturday morning run Some of ladies preparing themselves!!

Herding cats comes to mind? The RA and the Hares having a quick one!

Naming ceremony for "Rotweiller" and "Game Girl" Julie in her Fancy Dress

Saturday night saw us all in fancy dress - Gypsies Tramps and Thieves. Some of the efforts were superb and one or two slightly less so.

Anne and Brian - A couple of Tramps Robin Hood and a few Gypsies

We guess that cowboys = thieves? Lots of stripy convicts about including Ron

A fantastic weekend had by all which we were very pleased with - especially as we had been the organisers for the whole weekend.


Sunday 4th - All Island Lunatics Hash - Kalavassos

Virgins on the AIL Hash Yeah - Lunatics

We have decided to add yet another hash to our collection and have started going to the once a month All Island Lunatics which runs on a Sunday morning once a month. Small crowd but a good bunch again.

October Birds

Spoonbill Northern Wheatear

Female Stonechat Ruddy Shelduck

Sunday 18th - Friday 23rd - Iris and Pippa visit

Ron and Flippa - sorry Pippa having a cuddle The Girls!

Thursday 29th - Polygon Black Halloween Hash

Don't say a thing!!!!!!! The Black Hashers

Halloween saw yet another fancy dress opportunity so yes - a Black Hash.


During the month of November our Hash decided to do "Movember" and so a motley crew of volunteers started to grow Tashes. Of course those with beards had to shave them off first before starting on the Tash! Hence the photograph above. Worth noting that we raised just short of 1,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

Sunday 1st - All Island Lunatics Hash - Anglisides

Another AIL on a bright Sunday morning Getting a down down - not sure what I did wrong

Monday 9th - Monday 16th

Molly's' visit to Cyprus but taking the luxury way. Molly had taken a package deal to a five star hotel in Paphos. She enjoyed the luxury there including the trips out and then we spent a night down there with her before bringing her up to Larnaca via our cottage in the hills for a night. Lovely dinner at Panos Restaurant with Diane and David.

Sunset in Paphos St. Lazarus Church - Larnaca

November Birds

Black Redstart Finsch's Wheatear


December becomes a bit of a busy month for us. Parties to go to. Parties to arrange. Hashes to go to. Hashes to arrange. Trip to the UK over Christmas to spend some time with families. New Years Eve to celebrate.

The cats enjoying some winter sun Play fight!

Thursday 3rd - Bridge Group Christmas lunch

At Gougon Restaurant where we play The mainly Cypriot contingent

Saturday 5th - Larnaca Hash Christmas Party

Ged - our resident DJ Trish and Josie doing something

Friday 11th - Polygon Hash Christmas Party

Hashers about to have fun More Hashers about to have fun

Guess what? And again!

Thursday 17th - Red Dress Run

The Polygon Hash Christmas run - our "Red Dress" run. We called in at four houses on the way round the village of Frenaros in order to sample some winter goodies - mince pies, sausage rolls and of course lots of alcohol!

Our Hares for the day Father Christmases everywhere

Friday 18th - Wednesday 30th - UK

So, our Christmas break in the UK. Funnily enough the weather is milder in the UK than in Cyprus at the moment so not too much of a shock for us. In our usual efficient style we manage to do all our Christmas shopping in about 3 hours on the Sunday morning.

December Birds

Kentish Plover Curlew

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is spent in Wakefield but not quite as usual. This year not the normal sit down dinner but buffet style instead. Very enjoyable nonetheless. Obviously Yvonne was a bit worried so decided to hit the bottle early!

Setting up the table Testing the Cyprus Commanderia

Susie and the Three Bears Shock Horror

Back down to Wellingborough on Boxing Day to have lunch with Molly and the whole family - except Miranda who had gone to Paris for a few days with some pals. Yet again a great day and great food - thanks Molly.

Back to Larnaca for New Year's Eve, spent with Jan and Al at their place. A recovery Hash Run on the Friday saw a few diehards come out in the cold and a lovely lunch at Sheila's.



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