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July to September 2021


We visited the cottage on the weekends of 25th 26th June, 2nd 3rd July and 8th 9th July.

12th July Larnaca Hash and On On Troulloi Tavern

Nice to be back to proper hashing and an On ON.

Intrepid Hashers And the dreaded Circle
Al Fresco dining The chip man

16th 17th July - Dipkarpaz

As a treat we booked all five rooms at the Castle Karpasia hotel in Dipkarpaz for the weekend. Everybody did their very best to unwind with some swimming, eating, drinking and of course the Red Rock walk at about 11km.

The 4 amigos (Karpaz Gate Marina) Roadside diner - no frills
Debris floating in?? The dreaded Red Rock
On the Red Rock walk A load of old ruins (The Three Churches)
Good food, drinks and company Sunset from the Oasis restaurant

22nd July - Julie's Birthday

Birthdays being celebrated by both Julie and Pam. (One day and a few years apart)

On the larnaca Hash... ... and the Polygon Hash

23rd 24th July Cottage

28th July - Diving

Julie has taken up diving again after a few years absence. A new underwater camera means she can show off all the seahorse pictures.

Bubbles Let there be light
Baby Seahorses Mum or dad


31st July 14th August France

Click HERE for this page.

1st Aug Barry Died

Our friend Barry Wynne, renowned author of several books, died peacefully in hospital here in Larnaca.

RIP Barry

31st August - Shirley Valentine Boat Trip

Roseanne organised a day trip on the Shirley Valentine. Lovely day out from Pernera with three swim stops en route. The last one a bit tricky as there was quite a current running but all got back to the boat safely. Nice lunch at the Blue Spice Restaurant afterwards.

The Shirley Valentine A few of the intrepids
And a few more Beautiful seas - no so the swimmer

1st - 8th September - UK

Back in the UK to spend time with Molly and to attend Amber (Ron's niece) and Jordan's wedding in Wakefield. A normal church service was followed by a very unusual reception at 'This Green Moon'. An outdoor, forestry site set up as natural as can be. Logs for seats, cable drums for tables etc. Luckily the weather stayed fine or the alternative would have been thick mud. Thai food was served then the speeches from Josh, Jordan and the Best Man followed by a Ceilidh band. The ice cream Trolley then arrived followed by pizzas. A great time had by all. Also a couple of walks around the lake at Newmillar Dam.

The happy couple Ron with the bride
Jordan and Amber Susie and Charlotte, the bridesmaids
Ron's son, Adam, and Sarah and Ruby The reception at 'This Green Moon'
First dance Newmillar Dam lake

19th September

There must be a change in the weather as two of our cactus decided to flower. Unfortunately the second one, that had three flowers, only lasted a day.

Cactus Flower more Cactus flowers

24th-26th September - Agios Fotios Camping Weekend

It's come around already. Our annual camping week at the cottage. About thirty attendees this year so still maintaining good numbers despite rising ages. As usual we have the B & Bers, luxury campers in the house and intrepid campers out in the open. Great weather, the rain held off though a little chill in the evenings. Massive surprise for us both this year. Just about to head off on the Saturday trail when all attendees stripped of their T shirts. Luckily they had second T shirts on underneath. Lo and behold they had managed to keep a total secret from us that was Ayios Fotios Hash House Harriers T shirts. Organised by Josie (Not Tonight) and designed by Rob (Half Price). Absolutely brilliant and made the weekend.


Getting an early top up And more of them doing the same
Sunset in the campground Breeding Coolboxes
Lazy Hashers More lazy hashers
Billy Big B*##*#s - the interloper Roger the Cabin Boy's Birthday
Before the run After the run
The Hosts and Hares presented with AFH3 shirts That is a bottle beer in his hand!!
Heading out for the hill climb The running group

The RA (Swellen) making notes of the crimes

The "relaxed" circle

Miscreants - Mucky Pup and Nosey Cow Whiskey Club offerings
The Recovery Run  



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