Gladlee of Guernsey

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July to December 2023


5th July - Dive - Moray Bay (SpongeBob)

19th July - Dive - Green Bay

25th July - 6th August - France and UK

Smart family gathering for Miri's 28th birthday. The four 'kids' and partners were all down for it.

Tent accommodation The Crystal Pig Bar
Beach day at Catus The 'kids' on the pedalo
Vigne Haute for Miri's 28th Birthday Typical countryside
The group at 'La Foret des Signes' Looking over towards Rocamadour
The 'singes' (Barbary Macaques)) More monkeys
Walk to Belaye restaurant and beers Beaitiful views

9th August - Dive - Sheepdip

11th August - Dive - Green Bay

16th August - Dive -Dicosta North

18th August - Dive - Green Bay

23rd August - Dive - SpongeBob

25th August - Dive - Green Bay

25th August - Summer Bash, Nautical Club

Joint PH3 and LH3 summer bash. Good attendance and great music by Martin Costa.

Dressed up for the bash Recreation (3 out of 5) of 70's party

Ron, Stuart and Frank

26th August - Cottage

Short visit up to the cottage with Ron so that he could complete fixing our outside toilet (many thanks).

Nice dinner at the 'Spring of Life'.

Ron and Ron at dinner at Spring of Life Local beers and wine

30th August - Dive - SpongeBob

6th September - Dive - Cyclops

8th September - Dive - Green Bay

Nice easy short dive to finish off air in our tanks and to take Caroline out (Babs and Henry's daughter).

Caroline and Babs Having fun
Amongst the statues and some fish

15th September - Dive - Caves and Tunnels

18th September - Dive - Green Bay

20th September - Dive - El Pida

Great dive with Rob from his boat. Fairly deep dive at 28m but no problems.


 23rd/24th September - Akamas Weekend

Hash weekend including hashers from 4 Cyprus hashes plus Lebanon and Marlow (UK) hashes. Tough run/walk from Smiges picnic site, Neo Chorio, on the Saturday afternoon followed by a BBQ. All hashes were represented by an RA in the circle. Julie later stayed in an apartment with R &J and beers with the crowd at the Tavros Hotel. Sunday recovery walk at the Eco Camping site, another tough walk/run.

The Hares: Squiffy and Leggover The circle
Down Downs for Karen and Open Wide Down Downs for Half Price and Orangutan
Drinks afterwards into the evening

26th September - LH3 Hash

Another fun hash.

Moron, Archie and Freeloader Dozy Cow and Canute

27th September - Dive - Moray Bay

Roy surfacing Large shoal of small fish
Moray eel Baby lionfish

29th/30th September/1st October - PH3 away weekend - Rose Garden Hotel, Lapta

29th September - Arrival at hotel and dinner

Hotel views from our room... ...and the other way
Friday night dinner... ...more tables
...and more ...and more
The ladies Us

30th September - Hash run, circle and fancy dress

Start of the run Circle afterwards
Frozen Franny doing the 'RA' thing Chatting
Us dressed up Julia and Ron
Elvis (Gordon) Motley bunch

1st October - Recovery walk

Walk along the sea front Quick drinks stop at the cafe

6th/7th/8th October - Camping Weekend

The tents at sunset Evening crowd
Saturday hash The 'RA'
The circle More crimes
Recovery walk Sunday Walkers in the old village

11th October to 12th November - RV Trip in America

See America 2023 Page 2.

25th November - DH3 Christmas Party



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