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July - December 2020 - Cyprus


We spent most of the following weekends up at the cottage. Meeting up with Leslie and George for a drink in Latchi and hosting a BBQ lunch at the cottage for Steve and Glenda.

17th July - A sad day when we had to say goodbye to Percy when he left us today to go to his new home in Scotland. By this time he had totally recovered  from his wound and was much stronger.

21st July - We ventured out again and went to the Ambelikos Hotel in Potamatissa for a night. Originally, our Polygon Hash away weekend in September was going to be held in the north, but that was now impossible as the borders to the north were all closed. So exploring we went looking for alternatives. Firstly, checking out the Forest Park Hotel in Platres, and then the Elyssia Hotel in Pedoulas. We decided on the latter as we could take over the whole hotel and Mikaelis, the owner, was very accommodating.

 Lovely walk amongst the fruit groves Julie by the stream


22nd July - Julie's birthday, a group of us went to Jackson's Restaurant in Kiti for a meal. A lovely evening with friends.

1st August - We met up with Leslie and George at Aphrodite's Rock Brewery for lunch and to celebrate 'Yorkshire Day'. By wearing a flat cap the first pint of Yorkshire Rose beer was a freebie.

4th August - We went back up to the Elyssia Hotel to confirm our weekend away and to look for trails for the hash.

12th August - Julie started diving again with Cyprus Diving Centre in Protaras with friends Barbara and Henry.

23rd August - We went out for lunch with Diane (her 70th birthday) and David and two other couples at the 'Octagon' in Vrousoulles. Lovely traditional English lunch.


Diane, David, us and a few of their friends Cake and candle time


1st September - We revisited the Elyssia Hotel, this time with Ray and Bhing to finalise the hash trails. Superb hospitality by Mikaelis with him even teaching Bhing to make Brandy Sours. Always a mistake letting Bhing loose behind a Bar!!

6th September - We were invited to help celebrate Sharon's 60th birthday at the UKCA Club in Limassol. A very pleasant afternoon.

8th September - We went to the Oinoessa Hotel in Lofou for the night. Lofou is a lovely traditional village to walk through though unfortunately very little was open due to the Covid restrictions. We did manage to find a small tavern to feed us though. Had an interesting evening later in the courtyard of our hotel with an English couple and a young Cypriot couple. The English couple were British Army and the Cypriot couple from Nicosia. What made the evening was that the Cypriot lady was an opera singer who we eventually managed to talk into performing a song for us. Very special.

Overview of Lofou 

Walk down into the village 

The entrance to the Oinoessa Hotel 

 The courtyard and the opera singer in black trousers

15th September - There was a meeting for the '70's' group to finalise the arrangements for the party on the 6th October at the Nautical Club. Only 5 of the original group of 8 could make it due to travel restrictions.

24th-27th September - Polygon Hash Away Weekend, Elyssia Hotel, Pedoulas


Friday picnic on the way to the hotel 


 Entertainment (sort of)

Those posing runners again 

The Saturday Hash at Prodromos Dam 

 A giant among Hashers??

 The ladies about to lose their game

Setting off on Sunday for the “Recovery” walk 



Rest time at one of the Churches 

 Snaking up the first of many hills


6th October – Nautical Club – Larnaca

It’s party time at the club where it had been decided to hold our “70’s” party. All the hashers who reached the young age of 70 during 2020 contributed to the party which turned out to be a fantastic success enjoyed by one and all – especially in very trying times.

 The Birthday boys with their ladies

 Relaxing afternoon

Birthday boys without the ladies 

 The ladies without their Birthday boys

Candle blowing out ceremony 

 A collage of Birthday Boys

 Must be food time

 Julie with Diane, David, Glenda and Steve


9th/10th/11th October – Camping Weekend at the cottage

It’s that time of year again for Julie and Ron’s (in)famous camping weekend. Our pleasure to treat our friends to booze and food on condition they undertake at least one of our two Agios Fotios Hashes. We do try to make them easy but being on a mountainside don’t always manage to succeed!!

Happy Campers 

The lonely camper! 

Looking over the camping area 

 This time it’s the walkers posing



Mine hosts 

Our RA for the day 


 The Sunday recovery hashers – recovering in Agios Fotios old village

 Julie and Bhing leading the way


23rd October - Margaret's Cocktail Party, Mambo's, Kapparis

 Julie and Pam with a bucket of booze

 Bhing being sedate for a change

 Some of the Ladies

 More of the Ladies


24th October - Music night party at Tipsy Turtle, Protaras

An offer to overnight with friends Rob and Janice basically made the decision for us to go. Pleased we did as there were some fantastic acts on.


 Ron, Julie, George and Leslie


30th/31st October - Ambelikos Hotel, Potamitissa

Another visit to the Ambelikos Hotel, this time taking over five rooms for lots of friends to come with us. On the way we stopped at Alassa ruins for a picnic and then on to a specialist winery that specialises in Commanderia – the local Cyprus fortified wine. On the second day we drove into Agros to find out where we were going to be hiking. Proved a little bit more difficult that at first thought but eventually manage a really nice walk. Later, we drove to the village of Alona which is reputed to be the most beautiful village in Cyprus. Not sure about that but was nice.

 Picnic at Alassa on the way

 The ‘Gang’

On the hike – once we found it 

 And again

 Coffee shop in Alona

 The ladies holding up a building in Alona

 Ladies who hike

Bhing playing ‘Queen of the Castle’ 


We had tried to get up to a Fire Point where we were going to do a Ridge walk but when we got to the carpark it was quite literally full – no room at the inn as they say. So we just came part way back down and ambled about for a while.

15th November – Picnic at Lefkara Dam


Overlooking the dam on a stunning day 

Our picnic site after a short walk 


18th November - Troulloi Tavern

Allan and Linda decided that we should all go to the Troulloi Tavern for a “Full Meze”. As good as the food always is at the Tavern there was just way to much of it with the full Meze. Most people took doggy bags home. Our “left overs” managed 4 Meals of a very nice Shepherds Pie.

Jane and Tamsin plus a few others 

The other side of the table 


22nd November - Picnic Gourri

Diane and Rob had been given the location of a wonderful walk so the gang headed off again this time for the small village of Gourri. This was a double purpose outing as Pam had wanted to see the Autumn leaves on the way. Eventually managed to find the walk which was both beautiful yet challenging. It was going to a waterfall but once found it was of course dry. Great walk though.

Stunning views over the village 

Rest time halfway 

 A little bit of scrabbling involved

Can’t go anywhere without the posers 

Happy hikers 

 View back to the ‘Dry’ waterfall


Diane's happy band 

 Heading back

 Beer, wine and coffee stop back in the village

Late lunch picnic on the way home 

  And, of course, a couple of November birds.


White Pelicans at Meneou Red-throated Pipit



Due to the continuing problem with Covid-19, further country restrictions were introduced so the hashes had to be stopped. In order to keep some fitness, the runners, Paul, Dave, Bhing and Julie decided to meet twice a week and continue to run albeit, without a trail. Some of the walkers also decided to go along and do a walk. ‘Mini’ hashes were done at Oriklini, Pyla (with supper at Pam and Gordon’s), Ormidea, Alethriko (with supper at ours), Avdellero (with supper at Allan and Linda’s), Vrysoulles (with supper at Josie and Paul’s), Xylotopou, Agia Napa Nature Park and Frenaros.

Nice Sunset Seasonal at the Cottage


6th – Picnic Dhypotamos Dam

Took a little finding as there are lots of tracks and trails crossing. However once found, we realized just how easy it should have been. Lovely flat picnic spot in view of the dam.


Walking across the dam The dam from our picnic spot

9th – Diving

Turned out to be the last dive of the year and a chance for Julie to try out her new underwater camera.

Julie, Babs, Elizabeth and Danny Pufferfish  


 19th - Larnaca Christmas (non-)Party at Enigma restaurant, Ciao Stelio Hotel

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we were not able to hold our normal Hash Party. The best alternative was dinner at a five star restaurant.  Even then we had to be resident at the hotel to eat there. Turned out to be a really good evening for the 42 of us who attended.

Another of the restrictions was that the bar closed at 9.00pm with last orders at 8.30pm. Not to be short changed on our “all inclusive” rate the bar turned very busy at about 8.29pm.


Lovely lady at the Enigma Party

Two lovely ladies at the Enigma Party

Happy Diners

More Happy Diners

Lovely setting for the Party

It was his bed after all!!

Rob, Julie and Ron

Smiffy’s not had so much fun in years

Not to be outdone with the bar closure we decided who had the biggest room to retire to with a few drinks in tow. Many thanks to Ray and Bhing and apologies for the mess to be cleared up in the morning.

22nd – Picnic Kalavassos

Julie still looking for birds View over the dam

We managed to find Kalavasos Dam quite easily and then found out how to drive to the bottom of the dam for our secluded picnic.


25th - Christmas Day at Ray and Bhing’s

Many thanks to Ray and Bhing for hosting Christmas Dinner.

Prosecco with Rob, Diane and Ella at Oriklini Picnic Site Pre-lunch drinks
 Yet again – Happy Diners Must be Christmas
  Bunch of Posers  The chef and his kitchen assistants




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