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January - June 2021 - Cyprus



1st January – New Year’s Day picnic, Kalavassos

Another picnic at the bottom of Kalavasos Dam, and yet again nice and secluded. UNTIL – a bunch of mad interlopers appeared on the horizon and then came down to join us. What are the odds of a bunch of wandering Hashers finding our picnic spot? Jenny, Frank, Fran, Paul, Rob, Sue, Mick and Julie. Then within the next fifteen minutes or so, Liz and John turn up to join us, bringing a couple of bottles of Prosecco with them to celebrate the New Year.

Julie on the Spillway


The Interlopers (again)

Our actual picnic place

5th January – Rodon Hotel, Agros

We decided to use one of our Alpha Mega vouchers and took a trip to Agros and the Rodon Hotel where we had a suite for 40 Euro.

Julie on our walk with Rodon Hotel  behind

Hazy views

The Lookout Post

Top of the world

Last time we did this with others there was absolutely nowhere to park the cars so we couldn’t do the walk. This time we drove all the way to the top to Madari Fire Lookout Station, where despite it being hazy, the views were stunning.

10th - 31st January – Lockdown

And now we are back in Lockdown. Not allowed to leave the house without SMS approval and then only twice a day. We are allowed to exercise though so could manage the odd outing within the 3 hour time period.

22nd January - Picnic Dipotamos Dam

Another picnic.

Picnic Time Julie - Waterbird hunting

28th February - Trail Run Klavdia

Julie, Bhing and Paul did a 12km trail run at the Aeolian-dynamics Wind Park, Klavdia, set by Brian and Cristelle. Quite an achievement. Ron Cooked lunch for them and Ann afterwards.

Julie and Bhing looking tired

Paul and Julie near the end of the run

Our neighbour and good friend John McCumisky became ill during this time and unfortunately died on 20th March. We tried to help out where possible and Ron, and sometimes Julie, walked their dog, Lucy, every day. This at least gave us an extra outing. His funeral was on the 31st March. The service was held at Dhekelia Cemetery and Ron read the eulogy. Later a dozen people (all that was allowed) came back to our place for drinks and snacks including son John and daughter Natasha.

John McCumisky - RIP

John and some of the family and Alfie, Lucy and Bonny, the dogs)

Some easing of restrictions between lockdowns.

26th April – 10th May – full lockdown again

During these lockdown periods we were allowed out to exercise so a few of us continued meeting up on Mondays and Thursdays for a run/walk.

19th - 20th March - Also we did make it up to the cottage for the weekend. 

A very green Cottage garden The "Cleaner" hard at it

16th – 18th April – Cottage

Another weekend up at the cottage. Beautiful up there this time of year.

Another weekend and an even greeener garden Looks good before the summer heat
BBQ Man Jungle time
Julie's home made sign Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Back at the cottage for Julie to display our newly named cottage "The Cottage". Brilliant sign which now gives us an actual address in Agios Fotios.

28th April - our garden in Alethriko

In total we managed to increase the Swallow population by 14 this year.

Amaryllis Flower Some of the Swallow hatchlings

1st – 2nd May – Cottage

Decided to have a bit of an outing and went out to find the Mouflon reserve at Stavros tis Psokas. Found it after a good bit of windy road. And of course followed by a picnic.

European Jay Mouflon
More Mouflon And baby Mouflon

11th May - Ron and Gordon's Birthdays

An evening out to Jacksons for a lovely meal, however, the cold wind got the better of us so we all adjourned to our house to continue the celebrations.

Gordon enjoying the fireworks! Lucy with Julie

17th May - Larnaca Hash restart

20th May - Polygon Hash restart

26th May - Dhekelia Hash restart

28th – 30th May – Larnaca Hash Away Weekend E.J. Pyrgos Bay Hotel

For some obscure reason we decided that we would volunteer to set the trails for the away weekend. We had located an area but had to change slightly as the trail was blocked off. Finished up with two good trails thoroughly enjoyed by nearly everyone. Apart from Toads Tool who collapsed at the top of the hill and had to be brought round by means of a bit of waterboarding.

The view of the hotel The view from the hotel
Entertainment starting early And continuing into the night
View of Kato Pyrgos from the hash trail Our illustrious runners
The "Ladies" cats choir Sunday morning recovery

2nd June – Josie’s Birthday Party

All the usual gang invited to Josie and Pauls to celebrate Josie's birthday. lovely meal followed by Karaoke.

Fun was had by all - even with Karaoke Cats - sorry Ladies Choir

4th – 5th June - Cottage

Another weekend up at the cottage taking the opportunity to visit the cottage just in case we finish up in lockdown again.

12th – 13th June - Cottage

Cyprus Wheatear Linnet

18th June – 21st June – AirBnB Pegia and Aphrodite Rock Brewery

Aphrodite Rock Brewery were having their Grand Opening so eight of us rented a nearby villa, booked an all inclusive deal including transport and had a thoroughly boozy time. Unfortunately the eight became six and Josie and Paul had to return home as their dog Molly was having fits and was not well at all.

View from our Air B & B villa The villa gardens
James the brewer with his fan club One large beer or three
The happy boozers Elvis has arrived in the buildiing

24th June – George Leadbitter died

The Tipsy Turtle with George and Lesley

George had been ill but everyone thought he was getting better - then suddenly - gone.

RIP George

Funeral 7th July at the cemetery in Vrysoulles. A good turnout to see George off.

29th – 30th June – Rodon Hotel, Agros

With what was supposed to be the last two days of the special government sponsored deal for hotels  a gang of us went to Agros and stayed in the Rodon Hotel for a couple of nights. Lots of walking done, lots of drinking and eating. A thoroughly lovely two days - thank you Josie for organising it.

A small part of the gang in the car park Out on the trail
Up at the Madari Fire Break Stunning views
The walk back to the cars Quite challenging



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