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January - June 2021 - Cyprus




1st – New Year’s Day picnic, Kalavassos

Another picnic at the bottom of Kalavasos Dam, and yet again nice and secluded. UNTIL – a bunch of mad interlopers appeared on the horizon and then came down to join us. What are the odds of a bunch of wandering Hashers find our picnic spot. Jenny, Frank, Fran, Paul, Rob, Sue, Mick and Julie. Then within the next fifteen minutes or so, Liz and John turn up to join us, bringing a couple of bottles of Prosecco with them to celebrate the New Year.

Julie on the Spillway


The Interlopers (again)

Our actual picnic place

5th – Rodon Hotel, Agros

We decided to use one of our Alpha Mega vouchers and took a trip to the Rodon Hotel where we had a suite for 40 Euro.

Julie on our walk with Rodon Hotel  behind

Hazy views


The Lookout Post

Top of the world

Last time we did this with others there was absolutely nowhere to park the cars so we couldn’t do the walk. This time we drove all the way to the top to Madari Fire Lookout Station, where despite it being hazy, the views were stunning.

10th – Lockdown

And now we are back to Lockdown. Not allowed to leave the house without SMS approval and then only twice a day.

We manage to get an extra outing to walk Lucy, Ann and John’s dog. Unfortunately John has been ill and not able to walk her so Ron/we have taken over the duty.




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