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Cyprus/UK/Scotland/France - July and August 2015


John and Sheilas' birthday party - 1st July

Ann and John from the hash hosted the first birthday party of the month. As it was also Sheila's birthday it became a combined effort. A really good night was had by all and after a few too many beverages a few promises were either made or coerced for providing entertainment acts at the Polygon Hash away weekend in September. Watch this space for photos of that after the end of September. Should be fun!!

7th July

Julie in her favourite spot by her pond Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Frank's birthday party - 11th July

Polygon Hash Ladies... ...and Frank opening his presents

Second birthday party was for Franks 65th. Hosted by Frank and Jenny at their house. Their hash names are JR and Sue Ellen - the house is akin to Southfork. If you don't understand the reference you are too young. Fantastic afternoon with good food, drinks and fun and games in the pool.

Melons coming along nicely... ...and loads of tomatoes

The cultivation also seems to be bearing fruit (excuse the pun). Loads of tomatoes coming out and the melons have started to take over the patch. Never knew they would spread so much. And all from seeds. Also the plum tree in the garden has borne so much fruit we have had no idea what to do with it all. So, we have mushed some up and frozen it ready to make jam when we come back with the pectin. Also both the hashes we attend were gifted with a good few kilos each to share out. Seemed to be much appreciated by all.

Cruise Ship passing by in the far distance Morning view

The views from the cottage continue to amaze. We expected the summer months to be really hazy but as can be seen from the above photos that has not been the case. Bear in mind we are about 20Km from the sea. 

22nd July - 6th August

Our summer trip back to the UK (and France this time) kept us quite busy. A few days in Wellingborough and then onto Wakefield to see Ron's family there. After that a trip up to Aberdeen to see Kate, David, Dave and the "step-grandkids": Jack and Georgie.

Relaxing at the River Ythan Estuary Baby Eiders on the Ythan

Jack and baby sister Georgie  Jemma and David

Happy Families. Katie, Dave, Jack and Georgie Grandad and Jack plotting!

7th August - 22nd August - France

7th August - Our next little adventure was to Albas in France. We stayed there a couple of weeks with the main purpose being to attend Julie's brother Phil's 60th birthday party. Took Mum (Molly) with us.  We flew into Bergerac and stayed the first night at the "La Flambe" Hotel. A really nice quiet country hotel just outside the town. Very nice meal in the evening.

8th August - Drive down to the beautiful medieval village of Albas on the River Lot and check-in to "La Carrire" our Gite. Quick visit to the Smart family in the afternoon and dinner at home as the restaurant was closed.

The Gite in the medieval village of Albas Albas from across the River Lot

9th August - Lazy day in wet weather. Meal at "La Vigne Haute" in Castelfranc, a Michelin Guide restaurant in the evening. Well worth it as the food was very good and well priced. Duck seems to be one of the main items on all the menus around this area but have to say it is very good.

The wet "view" from the Gite Family dinner at the La Vigne Haute

10th August - Quiz Night, 5 teams of 5 competed.

Phil - Master of Ceremonies - Quiz Night Revellers enjoying the weather (sorry - booze)

Liz, Phil, Pam, Paul and Jackie Pam, Simon, Molly and Nick

11th August - Phil's 60th Birthday Party (and incidentally, Phil and Alisons' 31st wedding anniversary)

The Birthday Boy L'Entertainment Franais

Some of the younger revellers Leslie (a neighbour) Phil and Molly

12th August - Coffee at the Brasserie in the town square. Looks like a nice little caf so no doubt will be eating there at some point.

13th August - Luzech. A fairly good walk around the old village and out into the countryside a little before Molly started to feel the effects of the heat.

The picturesque medieval village of Luzech And a bit more.....

Model yacht race on the Lot (6ft tall yachts) On the Bridge at Albas

14th August - Today is Fte day in the nearby village of Castelfranc. A BBQ at the Smart house first and then a walk to the village where all of us joined the traditional procession around the village prior to what turned out to be an excellent firework display.

Castelfranc Ft musicians

Fireworks off the bridge at Castelfranc

15th August - Pech Merle Caves and Saint Cirque Lapopie. Dinner La Brasserie in the square

Visit to the caves Interesting paintings of horses

Very famous caves at Pech Merle. The cave paintings are up to 20,000 years old. No photographs allowed so had to take them from publicity literature.

Caroline and Mark Alison and Sarah, Seb and Kevin

The gang arriving at..... ...St. Cirque Lapopie

Beautiful stain glass window... ...and again

16th August -A day out to Rocamadour with Molly, more to visit the Roche des Aigles rather than the town. This is an excellent "Raptor" park and the display of eagles, hawks and vultures was exceptional.  Dinner in the evening with Kevin and Sarah at their Gite which they have rented just 50 mtrs from ours.

Rocamadour medieval village A libation with mum (Molly)

Rock Chick - Molly Eagle Owl

The amazing Condor Two Turkey Vultures squabbling

African Fish Eagle Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrots

17th August - Visit to Bourg-de-Visa to see Joe and Lyn, two of our Hashing friends from Larnaca. Dinner at La Esplanade back in Albas.

18th August - Puy L'Eveque. Dinner again at the Vigne Haute.

Cobble painting outside the Gite Loving Ladybirds

19th August - Gourdon and Cougnac Caves. Dinner La Esplanade.

More caves. A little less commercial though Incredible ceiling - thousands of stalactites

Another set of caves. A little different from Pech Merle but still very impressive and this time photographs were allowed (in one part of it at least).

Poolside at the Gite Kevin and Sarah doing Tech!

20th August - Cahors and group lunch.

The family at lunch in Cahors The fountain and statue of Leon Gambetta

21st August - Canoeing with the girls. Dinner La Brasserie.

The girls canoeing (in the distance) A bevy of beauties

The Albas Mermaids The Handsome Beast

22nd August - Return to the UK and Wellingborough today after what was really a very successful visit.

23rd - 25th August - Quick visit down to Tonbridge to visit Iris, Benjamin, Pippa and Barbel.

26th August - Return Larnaca and the heat and humidity.

Foxy with Wilf fishing in the background Night time visitor - A Barn Owl

One of Julies new toys bought in the UK was an infrared "spy" camera. Very first night it picked up a fox and a Barn owl.



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