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January - June 2018 - UK, Cyprus and US


2nd - 15th Jan - Scotland and UK

The happy couple - Gemma and David Gemmas Dad, Mum and David's Mum Tracy

Ron with ex Tracy and step kids David and Kate Great Granddad with Grayson

We headed back to the UK on the 2nd January for some family visiting before heading to the US. First of all a trip to Aberdeen for stepson David and Gemma's wedding (who gets married on the 4th January in the frozen wastes of northern Scotland?). However, really nice few days and nice to catch up with people.

Following this a short trip to Wakefield to see Rons family. Unfortunately Yvonne was in Papworth hospital in Cambridge for surgery. Sunday lunch with John and Rachel and takeaway with Lisa, Richard and Charlotte made it all worthwhile.

Then a few days in Wellingborough with Julie's mum and of course a visit to Lowestoft to see the new great grandson Grayson who has grown considerably since last seen in June.

16th Jan - 11th Feb - American RV trip

Please click HERE to go to this trip

March - Spring at the cottage

Looking slightly overgrown at the cottage! A swallow fell through the window

And so it's springtime at the cottage. Needs a little TLC by the look of things. Whole weekends spent strimming. It does make the place look fantastic though, once done.

27th March - ITSUS Bar opening

Julies' sign above our new bar Looks very Bar like. We love it!

We have been promising ourselves a real bar for sometime and the house here in Alethriko just had the right space to convert. Got a friend to wood panel the walls, fridge freezer courtesy of other friends, bar stools courtesy of IKEA, optics courtesy of Amazon. We had about forty friends round for the Grand Opening which had the desired result of creating a good few headaches the following morning. Darts match, with those not able to get doubles, having to down a shot of Absinth each time - until we ran out then it was brandy. Brilliant night with great friends.

1st April - Polygon Easter Hash

Yours truly as RA Great location - Athalassa Park, Nicosia

The annual Easter hash was held in a new location this year thanks to the efforts of Gordon and Pam and their son Corrin (he of the wood paneling expertise). Lots of fun to be had with a few of the Nicosia Hash joining us.

27th April - Typical weekend project

Before After

Just one of Julies weekend projects. Measure up one weekend, buy the new timber during the week and hey presto - a new bench the following weekend.

2nd May - 9th May - Mum's Visit etc.

Snack time at Southfork Birthday boy Mick burning his chin!
Molly taking in the sunshine Must have been something going on? Nice hat!!

As seems to be usual these days Molly comes out to Cyprus for a visit and seems to be there whenever there is a party at Frank and Jenny's house - Southfork. Just simply good timing. This time it was Mick Jukes 60th birthday kindly hosted by Frank and Jenny.

11th - 13th May - Larnaca Away-Weekend at Neo Chorio

Aphrodite Rock Brewery for lunch en route A goodly crowd of Hashers tucking in
The other end of the table Tavros Hotel - Neo Chorio

Another new location for the Larnaca Hash away-weekend, the Tavros Hotel in Neo Chorio just outside Latchi. Beautiful views, well looked after by the owners and a great hash on the Saturday morning to boot. The geriatric hashers still know how to party!

25th - 27th May - Agios Fotios Hash Camping Weekend

The camp site - middle tier Stray dog trying to adopt us - Scamp

The walking group Water stop at the spring
The rabble after the hash - the 'circle' Farewell tears. Jan and Al heading to NZ soon
BBQ time What more BBQ's!
Having fun? Just being a poser more likely Waiting for food!!!!

What has now become a firm hash tradition. Our third Agios Fotios camping weekend. Give or take about 34 people turned up to either camp with us or just enjoy the fun and games while "Glamping" in the nearby B & B. Seems to have become a firm favourite despite our early misgivings that not many in our age bracket would want to be out camping. The weather was kind to us with the thunderstorms holding off. The stray dog, since christened Scamp, seems to be trying very hard to adopt us. Thanks to Josie getting the goods he was bathed, wormed, de-ticked etc. We are still trying to find a home for him. Great hash for both the shorts and longs even though the longs took an hour and three quarters to complete just over 5 miles.

On to our next US adventure. Phoenix in Arizona, to Yellowknife in the Northern Territories, Canada. (Please click HERE to go there.)



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