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October 2003

Wednesday 1st October.   Left Vlikadia, Kalimnos early so as to try and get to Kos before the wind got too serious. Departed at 06:50  arriving in Kos four hours later at 10.50 by which time it was blowing up to force 6 from the NW.  Spent a few days here in Kos, fuelled up, did the oil change etc and stocked up on typical Greek goodies not available in Turkey (Baked Beans etc.).

Saturday 4th October.   Left Kos marina at 07:15 in loose company with "Escape Key" who we had met in Serifos. It was their first time in Turkey and wanted a bit of help checking in. Good weather with light winds from the East and arrived in Datça at 14:15 and anchoring as usual in the bay.  Checking in was typically easy with quite laid back officials. Of course typical Americans, "Escape Key" did not have any dollars for their visas!!!  Anyway all well and they were happy with things eventually.

Sunday 5th October.   Departed Datça at 10:05 heading for Keci Buku.  "Escape Key" in company again as they were heading for Marti Marina for the winter. They had been unsure but the trip to Keci Buku totally sold them and they were loving the countryside.  We went down to the Palmiye restaurant quay and took a laid mooring there for a few days arriving just before 15:00.  During our stay we took the Dolmus into Marmaris to pick up with "Seascape" and "Lilliana". Had a nice few relaxing days in Keci Buku.  

The beautiful Keci Buku

and the anchorage

Wednesday 8th October.   Left Keci Buku at 10:50 and headed through Hisaronu Korfezi (behind the islands) along the coast and onwards to Bozuk Buku. Took our usual mooring buoy at Loryma restaurant at 15:30.

Looking west towards Simi

Thursday 9th October.   Left Bozuk Buku early on a cloudy day with some light rain falling. This cleared during the morning though the wind also got up from the SW to 5-6 gusting to 7.  Tied up at Marmara Yacht Marine (bows to) at 12:20.  Had a few days here while visiting Marmaris for the market and of course to see our friends.

Sunday 12th October.   Departed Marmaris bay at 06:55 for a fairly long day heading for Gocek town. Fairly calm conditions and by 09:30 decided to up sails and switch the engine off. Of course by 09:35 the wind had died and we had to revert to our normal means of propulsion – the engine. Arrived off Gocek town at 15:50 and dropped anchor in 4.5 mtrs Stayed here for a week as there were lots of Kemer boats around gathering for Faruk’s wedding on the 23rd. Lots of socialising, parties etc. going on and a real nice fun week including attending John’s ("La Gabriella") birthday and getting totally wasted with Geoff, Jenn, Steve, Jill etc. etc.

Sunday 19th October. Decided to have a bit of a change and headed down to Laundry Bay (or Tetra Bay) where we had to anchor in 12 mtrs with a line ashore.

Tuesday 21st October.   Headed over to Fethiye for a day and met up with "Sooty Albatross". We went onto Yes Marina while "Sooty Albatross" tried to go stern to a restaurant quay with the main still up – oh for a photograph!!! 

Wednesday 22nd October.   Headed back over to the Gocek area and anchored in Sarsala Baay (Pilloried Cove) where we were expecting Vision and Bingo to arrive in the late afternoon. Again had to anchor fairly deep – 11 mtrs with a line ashore. While here we were treated to a flying display by the flying dinghy belonging to Richard on "Mergella" – quite a sight.  "Vision" and "Bingo" duly arrived late afternoon and we helped them with lines ashore etc. before having the usual drinks and meal with them.  

Vision arriving at the anchorage


Thursday 23rd October.   Headed back up to Gocek town in preparation for Faruk’s wedding on the Friday. Called into Boynuz Buku on the way to see who was there and finished up rafted on "Sooty Albatross" for lunch. (Which we provided half of them having no bread or tuna or eggs!!!)

Albatross and chick 

Sue and Alan

Geoff’s sister and her husband, Sue and Alan were on board for a visit so as usual an early start to the boozy evening was made.  Continued up to Gocek town and anchored off again amongst crowds of Kemer boats.  On the Friday a bus had been organised to take everyone to Faruk’s family house for a meal before going onto the restaurant for the evening celebrations. We were joined there by another bus load of Kemerites who had travelled down from Kemer with Hasan.  A very pleasant stay in the area – about two weeks in total.

Saturday 25th October.   At last we managed to drag ourselves away and left Gocek at 07:05 heading for Kalkan. Arrived there at 16:05 and went stern to the quay anchored in just under 6 mtrs.

Sunday 26th October.   Left Kalkan and 06:40 heading for Kekova Roads where we arrived at 12:00 and anchored in the East bay in 4 mtrs. On the way managed to catch a wonderful fish in the area between Kalkan and Kaş which is proving to be a very lucky spot for fishing.

Ron and his Dorado...

...on the chopping board

During our stay here in Kekova we did manage to have some pretty horrendous weather with water over the bow, at anchor!

Wednesday 29th October.   Left Kekova at 11:45 and headed for Finike so as to cut down the journey time on to Kemer. Arrived in Finike marina at 16:15 with quite a wind blowing from the SW. Fuelled up first and then went stern to.

Thursday 30th October.   Left fairly early at 06:00 and headed out for Taşlik Burnu and Kemer arriving in the marina at 13:30 in loose company with "Quintessence" and "Rhumbline". Came straight into our normal berth – G33 – this time to a welcoming committee and our name plaque on the quayside. Great to be home.  

Early morning departure

Towards Taslik Burnu



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