Gladlee of Guernsey

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Old Photos - Ankara

These photos were scanned in from slides taken in Ankara and travelling in Turkey between January 1987 and December 1988.

1. Ankara Hash in the summer... 2. ...and winter
3. Nigel BBQing in eastern Turkey while travelling in Julie's Golf Gti 4. Julie enjoying the picnic
5. Arch at Perge 6. Vertical theatre at Aspendos
7. Library at Efessus 8. Roadway at Perge
9. Step Pools at Pamukkale 10. Mist rising from the pools
11. Rock tombs - Dalyan 12. Closer look
13. Knidos harbour 14. Theatre at Perge
15. Cappadocia area 16. Fairy chimneys at Cappadocia



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