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Old Photos - Muscat, Oman

These photos were taken in Oman when Julie Smart worked with SSL (Seismograph Service Limited) in Muscat between May 1981 and July 1984. They were mainly scanned in from slides and are of the SSL speed boat, PDO refinery under construction, SAF diving group and some underwater photos.

1. Typical Oman scenery 2. Local fishermen
3. SSL ski-boat 4. Re-launching after breakdown
5. Picnicking on the beach at Bandar Jissah 6. SSL personnel
9. Julie on the beach... 10. ...and her Mum, Molly
11. PDO refinery under construction 12. Rob and Mike Standish
13. SAF divers 14. Dave Brown (Left) and Ian Wilkinson (right)
15. an urn shape coral 16. Dino Capocci snorkelling
17. Julie diving 18. Surgeonfish
19. Squirrelfish 20. Sweetlips
21. Indian Mackerel 22. Squirrelfish



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