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October to December 2016


21st - 23rd Camping Weekend - Agios Fotios Hash #1 and #2

One slightly inebriated night a while ago we decided what a good idea it would be to have a "Hash Camp" at our cottage in the hills. And so - we finished up with over twenty resolute hashers for the weekend. Chili on the first night and then BBQ's all round on the second night. Apart from being a bit on the cold side at night everyone had a fantastic time. So much so that we are now going to repeat the event with the next one being early in June - which should be a little warmer.

Boudoir camping Kyra's favourite place over the weekend

Chilling in the sunshine Andy and Julie chilling at night

The whimps who did the B & B instead Beautiful scenery for the hashers

Ron taking charge - no comments please! What - still

Artistic view of the 'Circle' The Hosts

What more chilling?

At least the chilling is now with beer!


November turned out to be quite an eventful month for us. Julie headed back to the UK to help her mum celebrate her birthday and do a little socialising. Only away for one week but by the time she came back Ron had sold our apartment in Larnaca. Quite a nice deal as the new buyer was quite happy to wait until our tenants move out at the end of March.

First chance to burn garden waste But still got nice flowers

Just a few bits of gardening to catch up with and burning off as much of the waste as we could. The summer had been so dry that no fires were allowed. Still more to do but the pruning of the vines has to wait another couple of months.

We also managed to go to Paphos to attend a Pantomime. We went with a group of our hashing friends and of course this was no ordinary panto. This was an 'Adult' panto - "Snow White, Seven Dwarves and a little goblin". Turned out to be excellent - lots of fun.


December is here and it is Party Time. What seemed like non stop parties, hash fun runs etc. all lined up in a row. We started off on the 3rd with the Larnaca Hash Christmas Party at the Sun Hall.

Suave - Brian not Julie Smiling, chatty partygoers

Time for the ladies to show what they could do And now the men strutting their stuff

Next in line was the Polygon Christmas Party on the 10th. Same venue but a different DJ. We also had more people attending this one so it had a better 'feel' to it. This is the one that Ron & Julie arrange with help from other hashers. Brilliant night with our favourite DJ - Ged - helping to make it very special.

Raffle prizes in the corner The revelers

Heading for the dance floor - must be     'Human' by The Killers! View from our hotel room


The 15th was a double header - at least for Julie. Starting off with her Bridge Group Christmas Lunch down at Mackenzie Beach and then in the afternoon we had the Polygon Hash Christmas Fun Run around our newly adopted village - Alethriko.

Lovely Christmas lunch at Gorgona Restaurant Tucking in

The idea of the fun run is that we have food and drink stops at various places around the village and just show everyone what a bunch of lunatics we are.

First stop at Last Words house - Butter Rum Julie in Happy Mode

Ron photo bombing Hash Tarts

Three days later and it's time for the Larnaca Hash Fun Run. This time we are parading through the streets of Larnaca with a few beer stops at various 'establishments' around town.

Ron and Bhing - her hat doesn't fit The Mad Hashers

Larnaca Hash Santa's in the towns Christmas Grotto Santa's on the street

Christmas Eve is spent at Tricia's, celebrating Ann's birthday, Ann and John's wedding anniversary and Frank and Jenny's wedding anniversary.

It's Christmas Day and we are breaking with tradition by not having the normal lunch. We have decided to head out into the country, do a bit of a hike and then re-heat a pre-cooked Christmas dinner on the BBQ. We head out to a deserted village in the hills above the village of Kalavasos which we knew would be OK for us. The weather stayed kind with no rain and even some sunshine. We did decide to eat "indoors" as we did have a bit of a fresh breeze blowing through.

Shadows in the doorway Full Christmas Lunch - Gammon and trimmings

And so on to Boxing Day. For the first time since we have been in Cyprus we are able to go to Frank and Jenny's traditional Boxing Day party. We even manage to get a lift so we can have a few drinks without the worry of the police on the way back. Lots of food, drinks and of course party games.

Preparing for the Egg and Spoon race More Egg and Spooners

And the race is on with Janice just in front Spectators

A decimated food table The wooden spoon for coming last in the games

And finally, it wouldn't be our web page if there weren't a few birds pics to be seen would it?

White Pelican Snipe and Redshank

New Year's Eve was again spent at Tricia's just around the corner. And Ron in his wisdom invited all those staying over, for breakfast on New Year's Day - fourteen in all!




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