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March - July 2017



We arrived back in Larnaca on 12th March after our very successful trip to the States. Both feeling very pleased with ourselves.

19th March - Larnaca Hash picnic at Delikipos

The Easter Bunnies gathering Easter Hash Circle

The above was not only the Larnaca Hash Easter run but in combination with their 1600th run. T shirts to commemorate in keeping with the Easter colour.

Having sold our apartment in November we had agreed to a final handover at the end of March. No problems at all and the buyers were happy with everything. Final payment was made and all the formalities were completed at the Land Registry.

Now having money in our account meant that we could look out for a house to buy. As it turns out all our searching of the various web sites came to nothing. But......! One of our friends, Liz, had been talking to another lady we know and had said we were looking to buy. Lo and behold they were possibly looking to sell. So a knock on the door one nice Sunday morning and we realised that we knew the potential sellers - ex-hashers. We both liked the house, made an offer, which was accepted with a view to final transfer at the end of May/beginning of June.

24th March - Reunion with Steve and Glenda

Steve, Glenda and the two of us Ron worrying about all the work to be done!

Friends Steve and Glenda who we knew in Tripoli had just re-located to Cyprus from Malta so we agreed to meet up at the Aphrodite Rock Brewery for lunch and then on to our cottage for a long catch up as we had not seen each other in 17 years.


7th April - Cottage

More work to be done Very colourful though

The winter has finished, spring is with us and with it comes massive growth of all our lovely weeds and grasses. All of which of course need to be strimmed back. Lots of work but the end result is always worth it.

16th April - Polygon Easter Hash - Cape Greco

Polygon Easter Hash  Swellen getting the wally

All the way out to Cape Greco for the Polygon Easter Hash with yours truly acting as RA. Lots of fun had by everyone as usual with Swellen getting the wally for..... well for something anyway.

24th April - Larnaca Hash Kellia

Stuart, Dirty Harry, Mucky Pup, Canute and Pill Pusher

The Hash 'Angels'

Anybody getting the idea that the Hash is taking over our life?  The above are some of the runners and yes; Julie is a regular runner though she would call herself a plodder. Everybody very proud of her for doing it.


12th/13th/14th May - Larnaca Hash away weekend

View from our room

Lizzie Dripping, Freeloader, Canute, Old Mother and Dog Breath

First, second and third in the fancy dress

Freeloader, 2DF, Swallow Di, Old Mother and Boy named Sue

And so here we are with the Larnaca Hash Away Weekend. This year we are in a village in the mountains called Kakopetria. And what a superb location it is. Nice hotel, nice restaurant for our meals and of course lots of fun to be had. Friday night was fancy dress night in case you didn't notice. We were invited to Gordon and Pam's room for pre-drinks drinks to celebrate both Ron and Gordons' birthdays - both 11th May, before heading down for dinner and fun.

Setting off for the run

The intrepid runners

Dog Breath, Canute, Fluorescent Fanny, Stuart, Chilly Willy and Hissing Sid

Sunday morning recovery walk

Saturday morning was the first of our 'runs'. Much needed to blow away cobwebs from the night before - more for some than others, Ron!!  Fantastic location though even if the run/walk was bordering on "TOUGH".

20th May - Agios Fotios

Garden in the clouds

and the view...

Just so that everyone knows that it not always sunshine and blue skies here in Cyprus. We get fog as well though it does burn off quite quickly.

2nd/3rd/4th June - Camping weekend

A few more tents this time

Beautiful sunset

What seems to have become our annual Hash Camp Weekend - that's camping not Camp! Close on thirty hearty individuals made it up to the cottage for the weekend - or at least part of it for some. The weather was kind if a little hot for our hash. Seems to have become a popular feature and we are already taking reservations for next year. Especially Dirty Harry who inexplicably remembered the tent but not the tent poles and finished up sleeping in the cellar. We did manage to have our usual quota of falls, not on the hash but at night after a good few beers. No names of course but neither Half Price nor JR were hurt. Oops!


7th - 14th June - Katie, Dave, Jack and Georgie visit

Ron, Dave, Katie, Jack and Georgi Happy Ron with Grand-kids

First family visitors of the year. Ron's stepdaughter Katie and family. Again no names but one of the little ones could be classed as a devil disguised as an angel!!  Really nice to host them all though and see them all again in January in the frozen wastes of Aberdeenshire.

22nd - 27th June - Ron reunion U.K.

Ron had a short trip back to the UK at the end of June for the annual Gib Commcen reunion. This time held in Southsea so a few of the old haunts to be looked for. It was however 40 years almost to the day that Ron was last in Portsmouth for his Navy discharge so a few things had changed.

What hadn't changed was the amount of rum that can be drunk in one night!!

After the reunion came the golden opportunity to drive up to Lowestoft to see Melissa and family - especially with a new addition to the family. The surprise was that Melissa is still alive after making Ron a "Great Grandfather" - even a proud one at that. And no, the T Shirt didn't frighten him.

Ron and Grayson The smiley baby



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