Gladlee of Guernsey

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Major Marine Glacier Cruise - 10th June 2013

Entrance to the road/rail tunnel The voyage down Prince William Sound

Julie on the boat s/v "Kenai Star" Fantastic Scenery

Boyd Glacier Spring/Summer Waterfalls

Humpback Whale... ... and its flukes as it dives

Sea Otters lazing around looking at us

and being nonchalant raft of otters (12 altogether)

Kittlitz's Murelet Pigeon Guillemot

Minke Whale  

Nesting Black-Legged Kittiwakes... every nook and cranny
Blackstone Glacier Glacier closeup
Icebergs everywhere Otter lazing in the ice
Another rookery with 1000's of birds and making quite a racket
Young Bald Eagle... ...scattering the Kittiwakes
Big Waterfall from the snow melt Glaucous-Winged Gull



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